Meet our Team: Part 2

We know you enjoyed meeting Tara, Lianna and Lana yesterday.  Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the other half of our writing team: Brook, Kelsey and Katie.  Enjoy!

BrookBrook 1

Brook’s journey in Iowa City started when she graduated High School and attended the University of Iowa with the wild idea of being a doctor. Upon realizing that school was expensive and that being a doctor was nothing like on TV, she took a working hiatus. Finally returning for her last semester almost 10 years later and 10 years wiser, she graduated in 2004 with a degree in English, and dreams of being a writer.

Those dreams just might be on their way to coming true. As of now, she writes daily on her own personal blog (, is a contributing writer over at Bigger Picture Blogs, and has recently accepted a part in the Eastern Iowa production of Listen to Your Mother. She enjoys the balancing act of working mother, wife, triathlete and writer. This includes quiet moments with the boys, learning to love LEGOS and superheroes instead of Barbies. For Brook, finding the harmony between work-life and family-life is a daily journey in patience and understanding.  In fact, she believes life itself is a journey.  She doesn’t expect to succeed at everything she does, but she does expect a wild ride.

On Saturdays, you can find Brook with the family (her husband “B2” and her two boys “E” and “G”) strolling the Farmer’s Market, enjoying reading time at the library, dining on macaroni at ZMarik’s and ice cream treats at Whitey’s and listening to little boys’ piano serenades in the middle of the ped mall.


KelseyKelsey 1

Kelsey and her husband Alex met when she was a sophomore in high school.  They dated, he dumped her, and then after a few years in college he wisened up and found his way back to Kelsey (she made him work for it, of course).  These days, Alex is a law student at the University of Iowa, and Kelsey works part time as a pediatric nurse.  They have a miniature golden doodle, Theo, who was their first baby and for that will always be special to them.  Kelsey is also a new mama to baby Julia, who is 6 months old, and motherhood has been the most special and memorable journey for her.  Each day is new and different from the last, and she feels lucky to be spending most of her days at home with her sweet baby.

Kelsey loves all things breakfast, and even eats breakfast for dinner.  She and Alex are also frequent visitors at the Bluebird Café in downtown Iowa City.  At the Bluebird, Kelsey can enjoy one of her vices:  coffee.  Another vice is chocolate.  In addition to coffee and chocolate, Kelsey is an avid nature-lover (she says a piece of her heart lives in Glacier and Rocky Mountain National Parks), and her favorite vacations are those spent with family and reconnecting with nature.

She played competitive soccer in college, she loves antiquing and flea markets, and she has a passion for photography.  Want to know more about Kelsey? Visit her personal family blog at


KatieKatie 1

Katie and her husband Bryan have an interesting back-story:  they both grew up in Mount Vernon, they attended the same high school, and they both went on to the University of Northern Iowa.  After college, Katie moved to Chicago and Bryan moved to Phoenix.  Ironically, they both ended up back in Mount Vernon, and that is when they met for the first time! They have now been married for two years, and after struggling with infertility for 16 months, they are happy to announce that they are expecting their first baby in August 2013.

Katie and Bryan recently built a house in the Mount Vernon/Lisbon area, and they will live there with their two dogs (with whom Katie is obsessed, by the way), JD and Josie.  Katie works as a professional marketer in the Cedar Rapids area, and in her spare time can be found perusing various Social Media sites and attempting to make a dinner that is edible (her words, not mine!).

Katie loves any and all Hawkeye events, shopping at the Coral Ridge mall, and going to the Brewery.  She and Bryan enjoy visiting one of the many incredible restaurants in the Iowa City area, and in the summer months they can frequently be found boating at the Coralville Reservoir.

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