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Ah, the shock terror anxiety EXCITEMENT of finding out you’re expecting a baby! You’ve made it through informing daddy and seen his reaction (that is a whole post in itself!)  Now you have to decide when and how to tell the rest of your family and friends!  Do you tell them right away or are you going to wait awhile?  Are you going to tell them in person? Or over the phone or a text?  Most importantly: when and how do you announce the news on Facebook? I joke a little, but with social media it’s much quicker and easier than ever before to let all of your friends (and acquaintances, and coworkers, and complete strangers) know that you are expecting.  Plus, with the addition of Pinterest, the creative announcement ideas are endless!

With our first baby we told our families as soon as we found out, then told our friends when we were almost through the first trimester.  We informed most of them via phone call or text. I actually don’t remember what we put on Facebook…those were pre-Pinterest days!  With our second daughter I was more creative.  Once again we told family right away and waited until we were well into our second trimester to share with the rest of the world.  This was right around Thanksgiving time, when we were making our Christmas card.  So we had a friend take our family picture with a bow around my belly as our announcement.  We sent the Christmas card out and put the picture up on Facebook. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

xmas family photo“Our Christmas Announcement…”

For baby #3 I had a harder time coming up with an idea.  Everything I thought of had already been done by my friends, and I needed to be original.  I searched for ideas on Pinterest and google, but most everything that came up was for baby #2 or required me being in the picture as well; and I really just wanted to have our girls make the announcement.  So I came up with the following:


It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! I have to give credit to my husband…he was the key to getting those big smiles out of our youngest.  I tried for about 5 minutes to get a smile. Then he came downstairs and we got the picture on the first shot! They sure are Daddy’s girls!!

If you’re newly pregnant, or hoping to be someday, and are looking for some pregnancy announcement ideas, we have quite the compilation on our Pinterest page! Click on the “P” button at the top of our page to start following us!  Speaking of announcements, check back on April 22nd  for my next very special announcement….our gender reveal! I can’t wait!!

Did any of you have a creative pregnancy announcement? Please share!!

Kaitlyn is the owner of Cedar Rapids Moms Blog and is an Iowa girl who has been married to her husband, Joshua, since 2007! She’s a busy work-at-home mama to their 5 children: 3 girls and 2 boys! A true Hawkeye, she graduated from the University of Iowa with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, something that comes in handy on a daily basis while trying to raise 5 kids! Her favorite things to do include spending time with her family, cheering on the Hawkeyes, reading a good book, shopping (of course!), and checking out all the activities the Corridor has to offer!


  1. I love subtlety when it comes to announcing on facebook. With #1, I referenced a certain brand of spaghetti sauce, and with #2, I said we were expanding our new home by two feet with a picture of all our shoes lined up. I love the pickles and ice cream picture on pinterest and might use that one when the need arises.

  2. With our first, my husband changed his Facebook profile picture (a pic of the two of us) and photoshopped a jar of Prego over my face. It got some laughs! With our second, we posted a video of our daughter explaining where the baby was. She was just barely talking, but she said that the baby was in Mommy’s “nummy”. Ha!

  3. My husband & I were going to an Iowa basketball game the day I found out I was pregnant, so I decided I was going to tell him at the game. I typed out “We’re having a BABY!” on our computer then took a picture of it. When we got to our seats at the game, I had the lady behind us take a picture of the two of us. I showed my husband the picture she had taken and then scrolled to the picture I had taken saying we were having a baby. He was very surprised.

    A couple weeks later, we had family over for our kids’ birthday party. While all the adults were seated, I took a picture of everyone. For the first picture, I said “say cheese!” and for the second picture, I said “say we’re having a baby!” There were a lot more smiles in the second picture. 🙂

  4. We’re big Disney fans and my husband and I got engaged there. The timing happens to work out that we had a trip planned for when I ended up being about 14 weeks pregnant, so we told some friends and family before then, but our official announcement was a picture of the Cinderella castle in the background and the focus on 3 Mickey ear hats–one embroidered with my name, one with husband’s, and the dude date on the middle one 🙂


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