Life-Changing Decisions: Jacqueline’s Journey

I have never had anything in my life handed to me. Things never came easy; I struggled in school, I struggled in my home life, in my relationships & within myself. That being said, all of my struggles taught me compassion & work ethic. It taught me how to be a friend, and to work for things that matter most to me.

The only thing that ever came easy to me was becoming a mother. Now, I by no means am indicating my pregnancy was a breeze, because it was physically 6 months of hell, 2 months of bliss & 2 months of agony, in that order. Then followed by 24 hours of intense labor. YIKES!! What I mean was I didn’t have to struggle with getting pregnant. I was in a serious relationship with my high school sweetheart, we had been together for 5 years, had just gotten a place in Chicago & I thought it would be a perfect time to have a baby. Please don’t ask me why. Less than a month later (yes less than), I was having pregnancy symptoms. And 1 week before missing my monthly, I took a test and WHAM! Life changed.

For so many women, it’s not that easy. There are over 6.7 million women in the US struggling with completing their family. This is heart-breaking for me. I just don’t understand why it has to be such a battlefield. This is what us women were made to do. My heart aches for those struggling. About 2 years ago I was at a wedding, talking with my college roommate and she opened up to me with her struggles to conceive. She is by far one of the healthiest women I know, so I was so shocked that a 26-year-old athlete would be going through infertility treatments. It makes you take a step back & really be thankful for what you have.

Fast forward to 2 years later.

I have this uncontrollable urge to do something fantastic. I’ve always been the type that loves giving gifts, or paying for coffee for the car who is behind me in the drive through at Starbucks. I don’t have a lot to give, but I adore making someone’s day. Last year, I watched a brave woman become a surrogate. I was in awe over the entire process; her strength & compassion, her selflessness & love. She inspired me in ways she will never know.

Cue my decision to become a SURROGATE!! The choice was easy for me. I really didn’t think twice about it. I had the idea in my head and I wasn’t going back. I contacted my inspirational gs (gestational surrogate) and she opened up to me with her story and advice, and agreed to be my mentor throughout the entire process. I needed someone to guide me, to give me advice & to be my backbone if mine is feeling weak. That night, I immediately applied to two agencies & joined an online website full of classified ads with families looking for someone to assist in completing their journey in to parenthood ( This was the beginning of my journey.

I am so excited & honored to be able to share my journey with the Iowa City Moms Blog. I hope that I can inspire at least one person to make someone’s day. And hopefully you will all enjoy watching me through my journey of making someone’s life complete. Stay tuned…I have so much more to share…

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Jacqueline Graham is a single mom of a sassy four year old daughter, Danity, a full time Studio Director at a busy salon in Davenport & everybody's friend. Jacqueline grew up in Davenport, continued her education at Kirkwood Community College, & then ventured off to the Windy City. During her pregnancy with Danity, she decided to leave her event filled life in Chicago & raise her daughter in simplistic Iowa... But as you will find out her life is anything but simple. While trying to balance her career, her daughter & her passions, she is embarking on one of the most important journeys of her life. She is opening up to the world and sharing her step by step adventure in to becoming a Gestational Surrogate.


  1. Be careful. Listen to the surromoms on the website. Cover all of your bases. Surrogacy is complicated, legally and emotionally… and you have to prepare yourself for heartbreak as well as baby blessings.

    • Could not agree more. I also was a surrogate, please be sure to listen to all stories the good and the bad. Although a wonderful and giving choice, it can be a difficult and very emotionally trying one as well

  2. What a neat story and great legacy you are leading! Wishing you the best as you help fulfill someone’s dreams someday! Pregnancy was not easy for me and I admire women like you who are so selfless.


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