Iowa City Moms Blog Mother’s Day Guide

Well, it wouldn’t be a moms blog without a big surprise for Mother’s Day!  We are so excited to announce the “Iowa City Moms Blog Mother’s Day Guide 2013”.  This guide is a place where you can find information (and maybe even a coupon!) from some amazing local businesses that can help make your Mother’s Day better, more relaxing, and more delicious this year!  So, if you are looking to give gifts (for your own mom, your mother-in-law, your sisters, your mommy friends, etc.) or to receive gifts (from your kids, your hubby, or anyone else who will buy you something!), then this is the place for you!

At the Iowa City Moms Blog, our goals are clear:  to connect and inspire local moms, and to support local businesses in the process. We hope that you make this your goal for 2013 as well. So check out our guide for some gift giving inspiration! You may even want to print it out for your hubby and place it in a strategic place with a big sticky note: MOTHER’S DAY IS MAY 12, 2013!! **In addition, all coupons can also be found in the new DEALS section of our site!!**

And make sure to be checking the blog this week and next…we have some fantastic giveaways coming up that are sure to make your Mother’s Day a special one!! Stay tuned!!

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