Tips for an Enjoyable Vacation with Kids: How to Keep them Healthy and Happy


*A special thank-you to our guest blogger, Kendra Thornton, for sharing these tips with us today!*

Are you planning a big trip this summer?  Are you worried about how the kids will handle the drive, activity and being away from home?  The good news is that you don’t have to worry.  These are some steps that I’ve taken on countless long car rides, vacations to Disney World and even trips to the beach to keep my entire family happy and healthy.


1. Rest is Important

You all need your rest on vacation.  It’s not just the kids who will become cranky and short-tempered if their sleep is disturbed night after night by loud noises around the hotel and in neighboring rooms.  While budget-friendly hotels with low rates look attractive, they don’t always have the best insulation between rooms for noise control.  It may be well worth the extra money to spend a little more and get a resort that will enforce quiet hours and provide your family with the peace and quiet necessary to get a good night’s sleep. Orlando hotels in Walt Disney World are great at offering these quiet hours for families!

2. Sun Protection

Whether you are going to Orlando to visit the famous parks there or you’re heading to the lakes of Michigan, you need to protect the entire family from the sun.  The Center for Disease Control encourages you to use sunblock to protect your skin from UV radiation.  When the kids get dressed in the morning, slather them with sunblock before shirts and shorts go on.  This ensures even and thorough coverage.  Invest in hats and sunglasses to protect tender heads and delicate eyes, as well.  Take sunblock with you on your adventures to reapply it to exposed skin throughout the day.

3. Avoid Germs

The best way to avoid germs is with regular hand washing.  This keeps the germs around you at bay, and it’s a good habit for the kids to get into.  Whether you are waiting in line for a ride or you are preparing to board a plane, the chances are that the environment you are walking into is not as clean as you would like.  Encourage kids to keep their hands away from their face, and wash hands every time you leave a restroom.

4. Comfort Items

Whether you are traveling by train, plane or automobile, make sure you take along some comfort items.  Let the kids choose a few favorite things that bring them comfort.  It may be a small blanket, stuffed animal or another toy, but having it with you will help keep tantrums and tears away.

5. Breakfast is the Most Important Meal

The importance of breakfast doesn’t fade because it’s summer and school is out.  Before you head out on the road, make sure everyone eats to avoid motion sickness and cries of hunger.  If you are going off for your daily adventures at the destination, make sure the entire family eats breakfast so you can keep your energy up throughout the day.

With these tips, you can avoid tantrums and other problems while traveling.  When you are organized before the trip and take steps to ensure everyone is rested and fed, your adventures will be filled with more smiles and the tears will largely be avoided! Happy travels!

KendraKendra Thornton: Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. Kendra is a long time travel expert who has been packing her bags and traveling the world since she was 3 months old! However, Kendra has found that her utmost desire in life is right in her own home. She has mixed her excitement for travel by bringing the taste of authentic cuisine to her own home with some unique recipes and offering her personal travel tips to other people who share her same passions. Enjoy!



  1. Thank you so much for those kind words; Everybody should understand that like mother and kids, even father need rest 😀
    I think vacations are to be enjoyed and being sleep deficient, cranky, worried, unhealthy and starve cannot help in making the most out of it. My secret for a happy vacation is to ‘stay calm’. Hang the rest!


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