Squoosh by Kids Gourmet {Product Review and Giveaway!}

Last time I touched a bit on the “baby” foods that I’ve been making for Julia. I primarily resort to making our baby food at home due to it being incredibly inexpensive and relatively easy to do in the comforts of my own kitchen. It also feels good knowing exactly what Julia is eating and knowing the sources of where her food comes from. That being said, I also rely on the premade baby foods to feed Julia and there is absolutely no shame in that. While it is easier on the budget to make your own baby foods at home it isn’t always easy to find time to clean, steam, puree and freeze baby meals weeks in advance. Over the last couple of months as Julia’s palate has expanded as well as her likes and dislikes, we’ve identified favorite flavor combinations as well as different ways to feed her using food that comes from packages – we LOVE the squeeze packs! These little pouches make daytime errands, dinners out with friends, and long car rides much more manageable and more fun!

squoosh two pouches

So when Squoosh offered to send me some of their squeeze packs for Julia to try I jumped at the opportunity! We always keep a couple of squeeze packs in our diaper bag for those errands or dinners out when cheerios and puffs won’t do the trick and she needs something a bit more substantial. I have yet to find a flavor combination in a pouch form that Julia will not eat, so I feel okay spending a little more money on the fancy packaging of the convenient pouches when I know that Julia will eat the entire thing and enjoy it, too.  Little miss independent had decided that she will only eat if she can do it herself, so these squeeze packs make meals much less of a battle and more of a happy adventure.

squoosh singleI picked up the banana, mango, apple, and squash (Banango) and apple, banana, squash and blueberry (squabbleberry) flavors from Squoosh and Julia took them down in seconds – what else is new?! These are made with organic produce and have a full serving of fruits and vegetables in each pouch – which is wonderful when you are trying to squeeze in those vegetables. Julia tends to have a hard time with textures, but didn’t mind these food pouches one bit. Squoosh also has other fun flavors such as mango, carrot, banana, & apple (Orangobango) and a beet, strawberry, blueberry, banana and apple (Beetberry) combination that we will be buying next! And when Julia is ready to graduate past the purees and pureed combination foods, the makers of Squoosh have a line of foods that appeal to toddlers and school aged kids – with combinations that include greek yogurt, oatmeal and risotto (Seriously, risotto! It’s like a rice pudding, but with no dairy! Vanilla, banana and berry risotto! Yum!)

julia squoosh

Great news! You can win a chance to try these yummy Squoosh pouches out for yourself! You have 4 chances to enter:

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Good luck!! The giveaway will end Thursday at Noon. We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page!

squoosh packages




  1. We call them “Squishees” 🙂 Would love to try these. We’ve tried all from Plum, to Ella’s Kitchen, to HappyTot, to Gerber. These look great, and it’s always nice to have a healthy snack on hand. Thanks!!


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