“The Force Is Strong With This One”


And that was the opening line to our invites.

 Thrown a Star Wars baby shower, have we. Yes, hmmm. (in Yoda-speak)

In a galaxy NOT so far away, my awesome brother-in-law and his beautifully pregnant wife are getting ready to welcome their little baby boy… aka MY NEPHEW! And, there was no better way to celebrate this Jedi’s impending arrival than to throw an epic co-ed shower revolving around one of the couple’s favorite sagas… Star Wars!

I have to give my sister-in-law, Jennie, all the credit. She was the mastermind behind the whole concept. When she asked me about co-hosting with her and told me the theme, I couldn’t pass it up. This was sure to NOT be your traditional, cutesy, baby shower.

starwars6There were no toy dolls to be diapered at this event and nobody was caught stealing a clothespin off your shirt for saying the word “baby”. And we definitely did not try our hands at guessing some label-less, foul-tasting, jarred infant food. Instead, we engaged in an epic light saber balloon-ball battle (each guest was handed a DIY pool-noodle “light saber” when they arrived *safe for the kiddos*.) We laughed our booties off while rewriting Yoda-style lullabies (and listening to my father-in-law sing them in his best Yoda impression – he’s such a good sport.) We gave the Mommy and Daddy some sound advice on our Yoda wisdom cards after we played the hilarious “newly-parent game” — all whilst admiring the Star Wars baby posters that were adorning the walls.

Not only was it entertaining for the adults, but the kiddos had a blast as well. What child doesn’t bask in each and every chance to wear his/her favorite character costume?!?! (I know my boys were thrilled to be Storm Troopers for a day.) We had little girls adorning Princess Leia buns and the villainous Darth Vader proudly led guests into the party room.  And did I mention the ongoing light-saber battle?! Yeah, needless to say, there was no monotonous whining-to-leave or whispering in my ear that they were bored. I mean it when I say it was a hit for all the guests… young and old (and male and female too!)

starwars2And the food. What else would you expect?! It, too, perfectly coincided with the rest of the theme. We munched out on Wookie cookies, Sith sticks, and Yoda Soda. And to top it off, we devoured the most DELICIOUS Death Star Dessert (phenomenally decorated sheet cakes by the cake-boss, Julie!)

At the end of the day, Baby Claussen certainly received his fair share of adorable Star Wars get-up. Biasedly, I think the hand-crocheted Yoda outfit, that Jennie and I gifted him, was by far the cutest! (Thanks, Brit, for hooking us up!) And how fitting that his Mom and Dad were sporting their Yoda shirts that day! The shower was a fun-filled celebration of a wonderful blessing with entertainment around every corner. Now, I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET THE LITTLE GUY *and be an Aunt again* IN A FEW SHORT WEEKS!!!! Yay! =)

**all clip-art was used with permission (after purchase) from: http://www.etsy.com/listing/129066089/instant-download-star-wars-digital-clip?ref=sr_gallery_12&ga_search_query=star+wars+clip+art&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all

** all font was downloaded with permission from:  http://www.fontspace.com/category/star%20wars

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