5 Reasons Why My Teenager is Cell PhoneLESS!

I know it’s hard to believe, but yes it is true: my teenager is cell phoneLESS!  I’m going to tell you my top 5 reasons why I stick to my guns of not allowing my son to have a cellphone, and when I will consider giving him one.
cell phone LESS


1. Cyber-Bullying

With suicides being at an all-time high due to the various forms of bullying, primarily viral cyber-bullying, I chose to eliminate those forms within my power. I understand I cannot protect my son from everything, but the things I can protect him from, I will.  Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in no way benefit my 13 year-old.  I feel he sees his friends on a daily basis in school and has no need to keep up via such sites.


2. Tracking Method  

It is my belief  that at this age my son should not be anywhere where there is not a responsible adult that I am able to call in order to get in touch with my son.  What this does is ensure me that he is where he is supposed to be, and that  there is an adult around supervising him.


3. Irresponsibility

By no means necessary is my child responsible enough to have a phone.  He is the type of child who would lose his head if it was not attached to him.  That leaves me with having to shell out money to replace a phone who knows how many times. Despite phone insurance (which only gives you 2 claims per year), that bill can add up.


4. Distraction. 

I shadowed my son in school for a day, and it was unbelievable how much of a distraction and trouble maker having a phone was for children in EVERY CLASS.  Children were being thrown out of class, reprimanded, disrupting class, etc. because of their phones.  With my son having ADHD (primarily attention), this is just a pure SET-UP for trouble! 


5.  No Need.  

To sum it all up, and call me “old-fashioned,” but my children will not have cell phones until they are driving or going on outings without adult supervision. In my house 15-16 years old is when those things will be allowed or when I feel said child can make responsible decisions in the face of adversity and/or peer pressure.  Until then, my children will always be in the care of a responsible adult or home with me supervised.  With that being the case, why does he need a phone when I can just call the adult in charge to get a hold of him when not in my care, or he can ask the adult to use their phone to get in touch with me?  Just let me say, this system has been working without any glitches to date!
teens no cell phone


 **Special thanks to our guest blogger, Lakesheia Williams, for sharing with us today!!


About Lakesheia Williams:

I am a mother of three boys ages 13, 9, 1 week, and a 4 year old little girl.  I have a BSN, and have been an RN for 8 years.  As a nurse, I specialized in Pediatric and Adult Emergency medicine, and as a parent educator to first- time moms in the Nurse Family Partnership Program.  I’m currently pursuing my MSN in community health to be of better service to my community.  My blog is about my trials and tribulations with children from personal and professional experience.


  1. I’m glad that you are sticking to your guns. I think this list could apply to adults as well, I know I could due with less access to my phone sometimes.

    • I am sooooooo sorry, I’m just getting to reply to everyone’s awesome feedback! I had a baby the 17th of August who has DEMANDED AND MONOPOLIZED my time! Yes Kathie, I have proven for a fact when I “accidentally” leave my phone in my car, I master the art of on-line schooling, when I always said, “I can’t do it”. The amount of time I have to get things done is amazing!

    • Again, I apologize for just replying to everyone’s’ awesome feedback! Thank you for your support, when it feels like everyone thinks I’m crazy (even though their opinions don’t phase me!) It’s great to be cheered on!

  2. Lakesheia is a rockin’ smart mom! High five from a substitute para who works in schools with plenty of kids who could use these kind of limits to help them succeed. If parents would actually shadow their own students for a day in school like Lakesheia, they would SO quickly understand how they themselves can make differences in order to help their loved ones be successful. Teachers have a full plate to deal with. Why not work WITH them? Most will lay down their lives to protect our children.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding! Yes Debbie, I would lay down my life, offer it up, sign it away for my children. I give my kids my ALL, so at the end of the day, I know they had everything they needed in life to be successful. Unfortunately, everyone does not have the flexibility in their lives to harass their child like I do, but I say MAKE TIME. Our children are our future!

  3. Excellent! Great mom! I’m a high school teacher and while I consistently enforce a cell phone policy in my classroom, it’s horrifying to hear students confess that they’ve been able to watch full MOVIES throughout other periods of the day. This mom is doing the hard work to help her children be successful. I applaud you!


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