{Review and Giveaway}: Freshly Picked!

If you haven’t heard of Freshly Picked moccasins yet, you may be living under a rock.  But don’t feel bad, you aren’t the only one under the rock…at least you aren’t sitting across the table from the owner of the company! Yes, that happened to me (Sara).  While at BlogHer ’13, I went to a mini-session on Pinterest and ended up sitting next to two very popular female bloggers; unfortunately, I wasn’t yet familiar with their work.  How embarrassing!  But thank goodness I ended up at their table, because I am so excited about both of them!  One of those women was Susan, the founder of Freshly Picked.  If you are wondering how amazingly adorable (and popular) her moccasins are, let me give you one word:  Kardashians.

Yup, the Kardashian sisters have purchased these shoes for their little ones!  And there are pictures in People magazine to prove it!  Long story short…after BlogHer, I reached out to Susan to tell her how much I absolutely loved her products and would love a pair for my daughter.  Graciously, Susan offered to send not one, but two pairs!  Perfect, considering my co-founder Kaitlyn and I both have little girls who turned 1 year old this summer!

freshlypicked3KaitlynI was so excited when I got my package from Freshly Picked in the mail!! When I opened it, I literally squealed in delight! The moccasins are so cute and they come in even cuter packaging!! I love the little bag and pin, and am definitely saving those for future use!!

SaraDitto!  I knew the moccasins would be cute, but seriously I had no idea how cute the packaging would be!  These would be an awesome gift for a new baby!  I agree with Kaitlyn, I’m going to save the bag (and the pin) for future gifts as well.

freshlypicked2Kaitlyn:  For Kinley, my one year-old, I ordered the Platinum moccasins. I love the shiny color of them, and they are perfect for any occasion, whether we’re heading to pick up big sis from school or going to church. She loves wearing them with EVERY outfit, and I love them because they’re quick to slip on and off, which is a lifesaver now that I have to get both my one year-old and my newborn out the door and make it to places “on time” during the day! She absolutely loves them and doesn’t want to take them off! So I’d say they’re a big hit! In fact, my older daughter now wants a pair and I’m thinking of ordering some for my son – they have some super cute suede moccasins that I have my eye on!! There are several cute options, perfect for whether you have a little boy or girl, and I dare you to be able to pick just one!

noramoccsSara:  Well, when Kaitlyn decided on the color she wanted, I got out my laptop to place our order.  I clicked on the website, thinking it would take me a minute or two to decide.  Nope.  I could not decide.  I literally had to close my laptop and go back to it later, because I knew I was being ridiculous.  Kaitlyn is right, we dare you to pick just one!  I ended up ordering the Chrome.  I was very tempted to pick a brighter, more “outgoing” color, but I loved the idea of Nora being able to wear them with pretty much anything.  And it turns out, she is wearing them with everything!  Just like Kinley, Nora loves wearing her moccasins, and they seriously match every outfit. And the very best part is that they actually stay on her feet.  My daughter is obsessed with taking off her shoes (especially in the stroller or in the carseat) and throwing them on the ground.  This is not good; especially at the grocery store.  I can honestly say that she has only managed to pull the moccasins off once or twice, which is amazing.  (my husband is so happy that he doesn’t have to put her shoes on fourteen times a day!)  And yet, they are so easy to slip on!  It’s a miracle!

Do you think we would be enjoying the moccasins and rubbing it in your face without sharing?? Of course not! Freshly Picked will be sending a pair of these adorable moccasins (you pick the color and size!) to not one, but TWO of our lucky readers!  Yes, I’ll repeat: there will be TWO winners for this giveaway! To enter, please do the following:

1. Comment on this post:  What do you think of the moccasins?  Who would you buy them for?

2. Re-tweet the following: “@ICMomsBlog is giving away TWO pairs of @freshlypicked moccasins! Click here: http://bit.ly/18DBOYX

3. “Like” Freshly Picked on Facebook.  And if you’re feeling extra nice, leave them a comment to tell them ICMB sent you!

**IMPORTANT**Please be sure to leave SEPARATE comments for each entry! For example, if you do all of the above items, you should be leaving THREE separate comments on this blog post!  If you don’t come back and leave the comment, your second and third entries won’t count!  And we want them to count!

Thank you all for entering, we are VERY excited about this giveaway!  Be sure to share it with your friends too…who wouldn’t want a pair of those moccasins, seriously?!  This giveaway will end on Wednesday, October 2nd at noon.  The TWO winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon!  Good luck!


*This is a sponsored post. I received payment in the form of products received; however, the opinions are solely my own.

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