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Soggy Bottom Diaper Service resizedToday we are so happy to share with you the story of Soggy Bottom Diaper Service!  Servicing families in Iowa City, Muscatine and the Quad Cities, Soggy Bottoms is truly a much-needed service for all of our earth-friendly mamas!   Wendy is sharing with us how her business came to be.  She is also offering an amazing giveaway for one of our readers!

Wendy (owner):  My husband and I both grew up in this area and moved back two years ago after living in Madison, WI for twelve years.  We had two boys while there and used a cloth diaper service for both of them.  As a full-time working mom, I found the diaper service to be one thing I couldn’t live without.  I didn’t have time to wash my own diapers, but I wanted to go with natural fibers with no chemicals for diapers.  There were many more benefits from using cloth that I later enjoyed as well, such as both boys being potty trained by 24 months.  I even told my husband that we couldn’t move back to Iowa until after the boys were out of diapers because there wasn’t a diaper service back here.  Well, after moving back, I wanted to take a year off of full-time work so I could spend that time with my sons.  During that break, I decided that I wanted to start a business that would bring value to the community and that is how Soggy Bottom Diaper Service started.
Boy, are we glad that Wendy decided to take a year off!  Our area was lacking in the diaper service area, and these moms needed some help.  Who better to start the business than a cloth-diapering mama herself?  Here are a few words from a dedicated Soggy Bottoms customer:

“Choosing a diaper service wasn’t easy: I was pregnant with my first, and I had no idea what to expect when it came to diapering, much less cloth diapering. But that’s why my husband and I are so grateful to Soggy Bottom. The diapers are clean, the service reliable, and the prices reasonable. However, the main reason why we love Soggy Bottom is because of its customer service. Every request, from the most random (“Is it OK to use Vaseline on cloth diapers?”) to the most common (“Can we move up to a larger diaper size?”) has been met with a prompt and friendly reply. We’re happy that Soggy Bottom has played a large part in our satisfaction with cloth diapers, and we would (and have) gladly recommended them to other families.” – Lauren, Iowa City

In addition to offering the cloth diaper service (more details here), Wendy also sells reusable wet/dry bags, diaper fasteners, and swim diapers on her website.  Be sure to check it out!  We LOVE supporting local businesses (especially the mommy-owned kinds!), and we know you do, too!

As a special bonus, Wendy is offering a FREE set-up plus two weeks of service to one of our readers!  Don’t miss your chance to win!  (This prize will be transferrable, so feel free to enter for a friend who is expecting or who doesn’t currently have a diaper service, and if you win Wendy will be glad to pass along the prize to your friend instead!)

To enter this giveaway, please do the following (and be sure to come back to this blog post and leave a separate comment for each method of entry!):

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