The Baby-Weight Loss Challenge

I want to be hot again. There. I said it.  What’s wrong with a mom wanting to feel attractive, like she’s actually a woman and not just a MOM? I adore my kiddos. But 4 pregnancies and 3 deliveries have wreaked havoc on my body.  I’m tired of having people ask me when I’m due. No, I am not expecting again. I’m just still carrying around 20 of the 55 pounds I gained with my last baby, my ab muscles have been stretched to the max, and I’ve hit the plateau.  You know the one…it’s the point where the weight stops coming off by itself and changing your diet (most of the time) only helps so much.

lana scale

Now, before you add me to the ranks of that mom-body debate (you know the one…the viral picture of the ripped mom and her three kids, followed by a viral photo of a mom sharing a more realistic body after 3 kids), let me say that I appreciate the blessing that it is to be able to carry and deliver a baby.  There are so many women who struggle with infertility and would do anything to be pregnant.  And I would never in a million years trade the blessing of having my children for my pre-baby body, no matter how much weight I’ve gained or how many stretch marks I have!

With that being said, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to want to get as close to getting that pre-baby body back as I can! And there’s no better time to start than a new year, when I’m full of enthusiasm and excitement for the new year’s possibilities! I have to admit, I’ve never been a big athlete or very in to working out.  Before I had kids I was one of those people we all love to hate…naturally skinny and I never had to work for it.  Even after my first child the weight came off by itself and I didn’t have to do much.  Although I should have.  Because even though I was back to my pre-baby weight, my abs continued to look as though I was in the early stages of pregnancy.  After our middle child was born I started to run a little and did my Jillian Michaels work-out dvd. But then I was expecting again, and that brings us to where I am now.

This time I am actually excited to start this baby-weight loss challenge because I have a secret weapon.  Her name is Casey Wetjen, and I have a feeling she is going to become both my new best friend and my biggest nemesis. Why? Because Casey has signed on to be my personal trainer and whip me into shape!

Casey is a local Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach, and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She’s also a working-mom to 2 boys.  A lifelong athlete, Casey played sports in college and went on to be a personal trainer in a gym.  Now she offers online, individualized training plans that fit your personal goals, schedule, fitness level, and workout preferences. Even better? Every workout can be done in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Don’t have a treadmill or a lot of workout equipment? Not a problem…Casey will tailor your workout program to you and what you already have. Plus she offers support, feedback, and accountability to help keep you on track. Looking for help in the nutrition department as well? Casey is also a Certified Nutrition Coach who can help you make sure that what you’re eating pairs well with your exercise routine in order to help you meet your goals.

I am most excited about the fact that I am able to take advantage of having a personal trainer and am still able to work out in my own home. We have several great gym options in the area, and some even offer childcare.  But if I’m honest with myself, the likelihood of me actually making it to the gym on a regular basis with 3 kids and an irregular schedule is not great.  Plus, I have to admit that the gym intimidates me. Mostly because I have no idea how to use 75% of the equipment.  I’m hoping that once I start working out with Casey I will feel confident enough to head to the gym in the future!

I’m starting this new baby-weight loss challenge on Monday. I know that’s exactly what it’s going to be…a challenge.  But I am really excited to work with Casey and see what she has in store for me.  Famous last words, right? I’m going to be blogging once a month to update you on my progress.  And I really can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m also going to share with you my “before” pictures…because you can’t really judge how far you’ve come unless you can see where you start.  So here they are, in all their glory…

Kaitlyn - baby weight challenge before

Are you interested in joining the baby-weight loss challenge? Maybe you’re also looking to lose the rest of that weight after having a baby. Perhaps you just want to tone up and get healthy in the new year.  Whatever your goals, be sure to check out Casey’s website for more information about her online, individualized personal training and nutrition counseling programs.  While you’re there you can see a sample of some of her workouts and recipes.  I’ll be back in a month to let you know how it’s going for me…wish me luck!


*This is a sponsored post. We have received something to write it, either payment or in-kind. However, the opinions are solely my own.

Kaitlyn Swaim
Kaitlyn is the owner of Cedar Rapids Moms Blog and is an Iowa girl who has been married to her husband, Joshua, since 2007! She’s a busy work-at-home mama to their 5 children: 3 girls and 2 boys! A true Hawkeye, she graduated from the University of Iowa with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, something that comes in handy on a daily basis while trying to raise 5 kids! Her favorite things to do include spending time with her family, cheering on the Hawkeyes, reading a good book, shopping (of course!), and checking out all the activities the Corridor has to offer!



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