The Big Reveal: Amanda’s Mommy Makeover

We are so excited to reveal another gorgeous mommy makeover, courtesy of our friends at Michael Tschantz Salon, Arica Ohloff (Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant), City Circle Acting Company, and Share Wine Lounge.   Thanks to our awesome partners, Amanda was able to get fabulous new hair and makeup, as well as a date night out with her hubby to see A Christmas Carol, followed by a delicious dinner at Share! Without further ado, here is Amanda’s before and after…

Amanda Mommy Makeover


By Lindsy Tadlock, Michael Tschantz Salon

I was so excited to help Amanda with her “Mommy Makeover.” Being a mom myself, I understand how we sometimes put ourselves on the back burner to be a great mom.  I was honored to be part of making her feel beautiful and putting a little pep in her step.

Upon consultation with Amanda she said her last cut was at a local chain hair salon & that she had never had color or highlights. She liked the overall style she had, but that it was a bad hair cut & quoting her, “You get what you pay for.” We agreed that I would shape up the stacking in the back and take a little of the length on the sides. When we starting discussing color, Amanda stated she wanted something that would grow out nicely (no line of demarcation) and that would require low maintenance.  She was also very interested in having some red highlights toward the front of her hair. 

On the day of the makeover I started with foiling Amanda’s hair.  I added warm, rich low-lights to give her hair depth, along with some high-lights to help make it a an over all more natural look. I also strategically placed some bright, yet warm toned red highlights around Amanda’s face. It was important to chose a red that would not need constant upkeep and would fade to blend into the rest of her hair.  The end result was beautiful.  The color, along with the trendy haircut, was a perfect combination of a low maintenance look with a little bit of flare that Amanda was looking for.


Amanda makeover city circleThank you so much for allowing me to have such a wonderful day! My hair turned out spectacular, and my husband keeps complimenting me on it. 🙂 Lindsy at Michael Tschantz Salon is absolutely spectacular and I plan on visiting her again. Michael was very nice to come over and greet me/congratulate me as well. Arica did a wonderful job on my makeup and I definitely benefited from her expertise on application of eye makeup! I even tried to follow her tips on eye shadow application this morning (though I’m not quite sure I did it right)! I haven’t attempted the microdermabrasion yet; a project for another day.

I’m not much of a theater buff myself, but my husband really enjoys theater.  I was so thankful for the opportunity to learn about the community theater we have right here in Coralville. We found City Circle’s production of A Christmas Carol delightful! The costumes were good, the actors were great, and the singing was fantastic! It was nice to be able to go do something that was out of the ordinary for us. Our dates usually consist of shipping the kids off to Grandpa’s house and renting a movie and staying in. It was refreshing to get out of our rut, get dressed up, and go out.

To top it all off, the dinner at Share was phenomenal! I’ve been to share a couple of times, but my husband had never been there before. We went early enough after the show that I was able to eat off the lunch menu, and Aaron off the dinner menu. We had the Baked Brie en Croute to start it all off, and then Aaron had the Tuna Nicoise salad and I had the Turkey BLT on 9-Grain, with a caesar salad and french fries. The food was delicious, the ambiance was perfect, and our waiter was incredibly attentive. I think it just might be our new date spot! 🙂

My 3 year old wasn’t too sure about my hair change that night, but the next morning she told me, “I like your hair today mommy.” I’ll take that as a win! 😉 

Amanda makeover dinner

We think Amanda looks gorgeous, and we’re so happy we were able to give this deserving mama a chance to have a day for herself, full of pampering! Stay tuned to the blog…you never know when we’ll be giving YOU a chance to win a makeover as well!!

**If you’re looking for a night out, join us for our Coffee Date at the Java House tomorrow evening at 6:30. This is a casual event, so it’s ok if you’re a little late or can’t stay long.  It’s just a chance for some mamas to get together, enjoy free coffee, and get to know one another! Let us know you’re coming by visiting THIS LINK.  Hope to see you there!**

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  1. Amazing turnover! Although I could say that Amanda’s smile hasn’t changed, it is obvious that she feels good no matter of what she is wearing. But once again, you did a great job to reveal Amanda’s internal and external beauty.


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