DIY: Pinterest-Inspired Super Cute Spring Wreath

So I was browsing Pinterest for cute ideas to decorate our new house.  (So much trouble comes from that statement!)  We are moving at the beginning of May.  As if a baby brother wasn’t enough change for my toddler, but YAY for more space and a backyard!

Anyway, I found some adorable felt flower wreaths.  The front door at our current house has sadly been naked for the past 5 years, but I’d love to move into the new home and hang something bright and cheery on the door.  Our current home décor is all beige, brown and black.  I’m ready for a change.  I want pops of color all over the house, starting with the front door.

I’ve done the hard work figuring out how to make these wreaths, so all you have to do is follow my directions and you will have a cheap, easy, and CUTE spring wreath on your door in no time!

Recently, I got to sneak off to the craft store while my husband monitored naptime.  I was armed with my “40% off one regular price item” coupon and I was on a mission for the supplies…

  • 1 Styrofoam wreath
  • 1 Skein of yarn
  • Felt sheets
  • Decorative straight pins
  • Hot glue gun

I was expecting to spend maybe $20.  Well, one thing led to another and frames were on sale and there was Easter stuff.   Since we are moving, I NEED new frames to make a Pinterest-inspired gallery wall in the playroom.  And Easter is coming, so those baskets NEED to be filled.  So $50 bucks later, I headed home, excited to start making my new wreath.

As soon as the boys were in bed, I began wrapping the Styrofoam with yarn.  Let me tell ya, this part is kind of a pain and I only got ¼ done before it was time for bed.  The next day at naptime, I was back at it again.  It was almost done and we’re talking less than an inch left to wrap, when I twisted the yarn to tighten it and…SNAP!


I pouted like a two-year-old, while staring at the broken pieces.  After all the time I’d spent wrapping it perfectly, HOW did that just happen?

Since this project had already “cost me 50 bucks,” I decided to find a better way to make the wreath and headed back to the craft store.

This time I picked up…

  • 2 Straw wreaths (just in case)
  • 1 Grapevine wreath (just in case)
  • 1 Spool of burlap (thank goodness it was ½ off!!!  It’s regularly $9.99)
  • 1 Spool of polka dot ribbon

And…several unfinished wood shapes, frames, blank canvases {65% off!!!} and paints for the gallery wall project.  $100 later (shhh…don’t tell my husband!), this better turn out to be one awesome wreath!

Now lets actually get this thing made!

Gather your supplies

 straw wreath, burlap, felt, pins, ribbon, scissors, and preheat your hot glue gun

spring wreath DIY

Step 1: Burlap

Wrap the straw wreath with burlap. This takes about two minutes!  Yeah!  By the way, you might want to take the plastic wrap off the wreath outside or over a garbage can due to messy straw dust.  I also used hot glue to secure the end of the burlap onto the backside.  

spring wreath DIY

Step 2: Make flowers

Time to make felt flowers.   If you search Pinterest, you will find A TON of examples.  I learned to make felt roses from

Felt Roses

1.  Take a piece of felt and cut out a circle. Imagine cutting 4 circles out of one piece of felt (to give you an idea of how big).  I did not use any specific measurements and did not try to cut straight either!

2.  Cut a spiral into the circle.

3.  Roll the felt tightly starting at the end where you made the first cut.  I always hold the felt upside down as I roll it, so at the end I can turn it over and be amazed by the beautiful flower!

4.  Hot glue the end of the felt to fit over the back of the flower.  

spring wreath DIY

Make as many flowers as you’d like for your wreath in different colors and try cutting different size circles or change up the way you cut the spiral with a little more or less wave to it.

Loopy Flowers (carnations, maybe?)

To learn how to make some “loopy” flowers, I followed a tutorial on

1.  Cut a piece of felt maybe 1 ½ to 2 inches wide and maybe 8 or 9 inches long.

2.  Fold felt in half so that you still have a long piece.  You can glue the felt down along the edge or just hold it in place for the next steps.

3.  Cut slits into the felt to make the loops of the flower.

4.  Start at one edge and roll the felt to the end.

5.  Glue the edges of felt together to finish the flower.  

spring wreath DIY

Pompom flower: 

I also made a variation of this flower with no loops.  Let’s call it a pompom flower!

1.  After you cut slits into the felt, cut down the middle of felt piece length wise, basically cut the slits in half, but leave a couple slits attached at the end.

2.  Hold the two sides together and roll the felt starting with the end that has a couple loops attached, so that the loops will be in the middle of the flower.

3.  When the felt is all rolled up, secure it with hot glue.  

spring wreath DIY

Step 3: Arrange

Now the REALLY FUN part!  After you’ve made a whole bunch of felt flowers, arrange them on the wreath in any way your little heart desires!  I transferred my flowers in the exact position to another piece of felt and hot glued them down.  Then cut the flowers out of the felt so I had one big piece with all of the flowers stuck on it.  I attached this piece to the wreath by sticking straight pins into the centers of the roses or you could just pin each flower on individually.

spring wreath DIY

Step 4: Ribbon

Add ribbon to dazzle it up some more!  The polka dot ribbon was the icing on the cupcake for me!


spring wreath DIY

The possibilities are endless here, ladies!  Different colors, ribbons, seasons, Oh MY!!!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  I know my own mom would love one of these.  (Sorry Mom, spoiler alert!)

Get to the craft store as soon as possible, try not to spend as much money as I did.  Soon you will have a super cute spring wreath to put on your naked door!

Hey moms, once you’ve made your wreath please share a pic with us!  


Shari is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Cedar Rapids with her husband Mark, 2 boys and a pug named Yoda. Her toddler and preschool age boys keep her very busy. She loves warm Iowa days for playing outside with her family. In her "spare time" Shari enjoys quiet activities like crafting, browsing Pinterest, learning photography, creating family photo books and watching favorite shows with her husband. She also loves Iowa City Moms Blog and her MOPS group for the connections with other mommies!


  1. Um…you lost me at “cut a spiral” out of a felt circle…but it’s so cute! I envy crafty mamas! It’s so cute!

  2. There’s really no need to take the plastic off the straw wreath. I’ve used several that way. Lots less messy!

  3. Yes Becky, I agree, now that I’ve made lots more wreaths since this first one! I guess you learn little things like that, the more you do! Sometimes though, it’s bothered me that I could see the shiny plastic through my ribbon, so I have taken it off!


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