Celebrating “Birth” Days

Spring brings green grass, tulips, warmer weather {kind of} and for our family birthdays. My boys were born three years and one month apart, which basically means the moment one birthday is over it’s time to plan another.

I get a little giddy about birthday celebrations.

I quiz the kiddos for months before the big day about a theme. Will it be Angry Birds, turtles, superheroes, dinosaurs or Star Wars?

I go crazy on Pinterest searching for invitations, games, cake designs and decorations.

Once in a while I get crafty. Like this year, I transformed a few pool noodles into light sabers.

Celebrating Birth Days

I deliver cake designs to the bakery, purchase {useful} party favors and custom design invitations.

As my friends and family watch me scramble around trying to make sure each detail is coordinated, I often hear “Why go to all the trouble? They won’t remember it anyway.”

Hmmmm, but I will remember, just like I remember vividly their “birth” days.

I remember the tears of joy streaming down my face when I held them in my arms for the first time. I remember their first smile and when they called me mama although, I think “no” and “Hawkeye” were their first words. I remember every moment up until today, and THAT’S why I make a big deal about birthdays.

Our boys are the greatest gift I’ve ever been given {other than my husband of course}, and through their unconditional love I’ve become a better person, and kind of crafty with pool noodles.

Sure they may not remember that the streamers coordinated with the plates and napkins, but they will remember that their birthday was a joyous celebration.

I want them to feel just as special on their birthday as I felt when I became their mother, and if a fancy cake, some balloons and light saber pool noodles make them feel special then so be it.

Because everyone loves a good party and cake.

Celebrating Birth Days 2

Brook {without the "e"} is a spunky faux redhead and former UI grad who has decided to call Iowa City her home for over 10 years. She met her husband on the internet, and they spend their days playing superheroes with their two boys, Edison (2007) and Grant (2010). She juggles mom life with a full-time job as a marketing consultant, competing in triathlons and writing her heart out on her personal blog www.redheadreverie.com. She believes life is a journey, not a destination.


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