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Today is the day, everyone!  You sent in your nominations (over 20 of them!), and with the help of our lovely team of contributing writers, we have narrowed it down to the top 7 finalists for our Super Mom Contest!  And let us just say, this was NO easy task. These moms that you nominated were truly ALL super moms, and as you are all voting for the winner this week, let us remember that every mom is a super mom in her own way!

**In case you missed it, the awesome mama who is named Iowa City Moms Blog’s Super Mom will win this amazing prize package: the ultimate spa package from Massage Heights (1 hour massage, 1 hour facial, and hot stone therapy), the ultimate salon package from Groovy Katz (haircut, color, and makeup application), a $50 gift certificate to Clinton Street Social Club,  and 2 complimentary tickets to the Inspire Motherhood Conference.**

And so, without further ado, we present to you the top 7 finalists for the Iowa City Moms Blog’s Super Mom Contest (in alphabetical order, to remain unbiased!)….drumroll please….

::Alison (nominated by her husband, Eric)::

alisonAlison is truly a rare find among women. She has chosen to pursue motherhood, and strives to excel at this pursuit, in front of all her other ambitions (of which she has many, with the talents to match). Though she loves to read, write (she is a very talented author), and create all manner of crafts by hand (from cooking, to sewing, to quilting, to drawing) she can most often be found reading aloud yet another story book, writing the thousandth example of a lower case letter, making a family meal, fixing a sock or torn shirt, or drawing silly cartoons. This she does to teach, inspire, nurture, and entertain our two wonderful children. In this way she has channeled her talents specifically for the benefit of her children—this is accomplished at another great cost that adds to the exhaustion that this level of care imposes. This additional cost is that of barely anyone else in this entire world even being aware of let alone fully appreciating the tremendous works she accomplishes on behalf of two small souls who can only offer their love in return. For her, this payment is sufficient, but I feel that in a world where so many are lauded for their financial, business, and public accomplishments, that this incredible woman deserved at least a shot at receiving a moments recognition for the incalculably valuable service she is providing for not only the direct lives of our children, but also all of those they will touch throughout their lives. Though I know that through these means, her care and efforts will not at all be wasted, but there are so few who will ever celebrate her directly. I make this nomination that she might have just such an opportunity to know that not only do I revere all that she is and stands for, but that such a life is absolutely worthy of praise from others as well. So, join with me and celebrate a woman who actively seeks no publicity or thanks for all she does, and therefore deserves it all the more!

bekah::Bekah (nominated by her mom, Katie)::

My daughter Bekah was just 20 years old, when she delivered her son Kolby. I was her birthing coach, and was amazed at how well she handled the pressure of the pregnancy as well as the labor and birth. Since then however, is where I have been blessed to watch Bekah bloom as a young mother. She was careful,yet relaxed with her newborn and infant son. His crying never made her panic, she just took in stride all the stages of his development. She often asked me for advice, but truth be known, she never needed it. Her own intuitiveness about her care for him was enough. Bekah is the super consumers science source on ALL baby equipment, food, and creative ideas for parenting. I believe that Bekah deserves the Super Mom award because she put raising her child at home with her ahead of her college education, (which is on hold), and realized at a young age, what most often takes women 25 years to figure out…that Kolby will only be home for 5-6 short years, and that you never get those years back. I have never known anyone who looks back on their parenting and says, “Gee, I sure wish I would have worked more and seen my children less.” It takes real wisdom to look ahead like that when you are only in your early 20’s. Bekah is this person, and she loves her role as Mommy. Kolby is thriving. His parents understand this value; time invested in your children will produce a well rounded, happy, and secure child. When children are secure, they are free to grow because they aren’t stressed about their care or surroundings. She is a helpful person, and looks ahead to the needs of her household. She doesn’t wait for life to happen to her; instead, she initiates action and makes life happen for her and Kolby.  Bekah and Tyson are engaged to be married, and look forward to their future with bright hope. I believe that they intend for Kolby to have a sibling or two. Bekah said Tyson asked her once, “How will we be able to love another child like we do Kolby? Will he or she be shorted?”  Bekah answered him, “Tyson, you don’t have a limited love tank in you. We will just be given more love from God to share with another.”  (I couldn’t have said it better).

Kudos Bekah, I am proud of you!
Love, Mom

clara::Clara (nominated by her daughter, Brittany)::

My mom is a mother of four and a grandmother to 7 (soon to be 8). My mother goes above and beyond for her children and others all the time.  She is very active in her church, serving on numerous boards and is a youth group leader. She is also extremely active in the community. I have never seen someone put others before herself as much as she does. Whenever her children are in a pinch, she comes to the rescue. She may not have a lot of money but she sure has a lot of love. When I was in a pinch, due to having the flu and a newborn baby and a husband who couldn’t take time off, it was my mom who left her home at 10pm at night to get to North Liberty at 2:30am and took time off work to help me out. Last summer when I had my appendix out she drove again, the 4.5hrs to help me take care of two toddlers. When my oldest son was born, she stayed up all night until he was born at 4:08am and then drove back home to Primghar so she could get to work at driving the school bus. The list could go on. She does so much for her children, but also for her husband and community. From tutoring the neighbor kids to opening her home to everyone and to directing plays. Despite living 4.5hrs away, she visits frequently and definitly deserves a chance to just relax and of course she wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see her grandchildren!

erica1::Erica (nominated by both her sister AND by her children’s grandma)::

(from her sister) My sister Erica is the most amazing mom ever. She is a single mother of her adorable 5year old Alyssa. She strives to be the best mommy ever to Alyssa she always puts Alyssa first. Her nearest relatives are over 18 hours away so she has no help from anyone. She deserves to be treated like the super mom she is. She works at the Iowa City Va and takes Alyssa to soccer, gymnastics, and dance classes in her spare time. Please consider her for your Super Mom thank you!

(from her daughter’s grandma) This mom is mature and loving and has demonstrated this in so many ways. She has been a single mom for almost a year now. she has never let her personal feelings negatively impact her little family in Iowa. Soon after her break up with my son she bought a house and slowly but sure set up a new home. She lives within her means, and she works hard
at the VA hospital. She regularly cooks lovely healthy meals for her daughter. She ensures that her daughter is safe, and is careful that her environment is clean and she has many activities and regular routines that make her daughter and herself very stable and happy. She never complains and looks for the positive in her experiences, even the toughest ones. I think the world of her. I am grateful my son has such a loving and intelligent mother for his daughter, and a loving and intelligent woman in his life. She lives far from extended family and carries on a quality life for daughter. She has developed a supportive environment for her daughter that includes, daycare, pre-school, gymnastics, dance, soccer, trips to the library, pool, and park. She also plans special outings, and makes holidays and celebrations very special. She is the best mother of my grandaughter I could have hoped for. I would love to see something like winning this award happen to her.

BrownKatyHeadshot:: Katy (nominated by her husband, Matt)::

My wife Katy is the epitome of what it means to be a Super Mom.  Formerly the Head of Household to our family (SAHM, 8 years) she has transitioned back into the workforce as a full-time working parent of three kids, two dogs, and as she says “countless dust bunnies.” In life, Katy plays a mothering role to many. As her immediate family, we are lucky to share a household, which she continually strives to make cozy. She fills our dinner table with warm, delicious meals and has an innate ability to come up with campy songs to put a smile on even the grumpiest face. We are lucky and so are countless others in our area who reap the goodness she sows.

She cares for those in our kids’ school family by volunteering whenever possible and always with a smile. She serves the local entrepreneurial community, where she gives the best of herself each day, as she and her company lend their skill sets
to promote other’s success. Strangers she befriends in aisle 5 of the local grocery store. She will tell you that she just has to run into the store for a minute. But I will tell you that isn’t true. She will return your cart to the cart corral, reach the top shelf items for those who are vertically challenged, and embrace friends with a hug and quick chat about the latest goings on.

Where Katy goes, goodness follows. She is Super Mom to myself and our children, but also the entire community, whether they know her name or not.

kimberly:Kimberly (nominated by her friend, Kari)::

I don’t think I could properly express how amazing Kimberly is with just describing her so I am including part of my Thank You letter to her for being my Doula. I hope it captures what a gift she is to many mothers and husbands. “No parent ever wants their child to have to spend time in the NICU but that was a bump in the road that we had to experience. A parent that is blessed to get to take their healthy baby home after the normal stay in the hospital won’t fully understand all of the different emotions that go along with a baby that has to spend some extra in the hospital. You understood my pain because you had been there before. I didn’t have to put on my brave face for you. When I said “they don’t get it, no one gets it” you understood what that statement meant. Only a parent that has been there would. I still feel like I unfortunately put you on the back burner after Max went to
the NICU. But I knew you would be there in a heartbeat when I called.

Thank you for being patient with me, thank you for being so compassionate, and thank you the most for being a wonderful coach and friend. You are an amazing soul Kimberly and I am so proud to have shared the most wonderfully beautiful moment of my life with you.” So not only is she all of this but she is a mom to triplets and another daughter named Chloe. She puts her clients and friends first but is still raising 4 daughters who are as compassionate as she is. Did I mention that she also leads a breast feeding class. She is such a wonderful advocate for mothers that I couldn’t think of anyone more
deserving of some special pampering.

MariaFamily::Maria (nominated by her husband, Tracy)::

My wife is a “Super MOM.” She’s a mother to our two awesome sons, a 19 month old and a 4yr old. She’s also step-mother to my three older children. Two boys and a girl, ages eighteen, fifteen and thirteen. She’s an amazing mom, who balances all the qualities of being a great mom to all five children. She’s always willing to read a book, play Lego’s, bake cookies, do crafts, sing, dance, act silly, show love, explain homework, attend sporting activities, or lend an ear when needed. She’s the rock in our lives; she’s always trying to instill right from wrong, manners, honesty, and respect in all of the children. Our faith is important in our lives and she lives as an example of being a godly woman to all the kids as they continue their walk with our Lord.

She is a college graduate, a professional, a caring friend, an amazing wife, and most importantly a great mother. She has balanced becoming a stay at home mom to our two sons. The decision was somewhat forced when our world was turned upside down due to our youngest son being born premature, he spent 150 days in the University of Iowa NICU. We realized daycare wouldn’t be the best option, so a stay at home mommy she became. He’s had subsequent scary hospitalizations, in each instance she always perseveres and holds the family together during these tough times. She treats the older step kids as her own and always brings a fresh perspective to a blended life with older teenagers around. She’s insightful and always finds a way to see things from a different point of view. She’s the essence of what it means to be great mom. She’s intelligent, talented, artistic, and creative. Every year that passes by she becomes more confident and beautiful. She’s always glowing, even after hard days with the little ones, or after dealing with teenager problems.

She puts her best foot forward in all situations and maintains our family.  She’s college educated. She has certifications, with more letters behind her name then I care to count. She thoroughly enjoyed her career and it was hard for her to turn away from her profession in Mammography.  She helped women who were finding out about or battling breast cancer. She shared in the patients sorrow or joy. She was there with them along the way and provided a familiar face to someone who may be going through a terrible time in their lives. In the last few months she’s been able to get back to working a couple part-time hours to keep herself up to date. She feels good being able to work again in her profession and to contribute to our family’s financial health. Somehow, throughout all of our ups and downs, she still balances the needs of our crazy and complex family. She takes on the challenges of being a mom to our own two kids with a love and passion that I admire. Then throw in the challenges of being a step-parent. It takes such a special woman to want to take on three other kids as her own and show them that same love. I’m so blessed to see that awesome mom everyday in our lives. We’re grateful this Mother’s Day, we’d all be lost without her and we can’t imagine a mom more deserving of some pampering. I could go on and on about our “Rockstar Super Mom.” We love her and all that she does for us. I’m proud that she’s my wife and children’s mother!


WOW!!! What an AMAZING group of women in our community!  Now it’s YOUR turn to decide which one of these awesome mamas will receive the title of Super Mom!!

::How to vote for your favorite Super Mom nominee:: 

Fill out the survey below.  Each person is allowed to vote for only 1 nominee, and you are only allowed to vote once.  An email address is required to verify and submit your vote, but will not be used further unless you choose to be added to our email list!  Be sure to share this post on your Facebook page and with all of your friends and encourage them to vote as well!  Voting will end Wednesday, May 7th at midnight and the winner will be announced on Thursday!

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