How I Became a Mother: My Induction Story

In my birth class, induction and epidural were not popular words. My husband and I attended Saturday afternoon sessions dutifully; practicing breathing techniques, learning about tearing vs episiotomies, and preparing for birth’s possibilities. A natural birth experience was definitely on my radar, but I knew birth doesn’t always go as planned.

Headed to HospitalI went in for a routine glucose test at around 24 weeks. The results showed an elevated blood glucose sugar level and a three hour test followed, confirming the results. I tried to settle my nerves as I learned how to use a glucose monitor and how to adjust my eating habits to monitor blood glucose levels without medication. Thankfully, commitment to this process proved enough to maintain my levels.

Gestational Diabetes and overdue babies are not a good combination, however, so my doctor scheduled an induction as a precaution. I remember my due date approaching and feeling enormous. The date came with no progress and, with no labor experience, I wondered where to go next. My induction date arrived and I imagined it was set in stone. Boy, was I wrong. Our busy suburban hospital was too full during my scheduled evening, so I had to wait. I remember putting down the phone and crying tears of disappointment. I imaged I’d see my baby within the next day and say goodbye to swollen feet and ankles, an aching back, giant belly, and an overactive bladder.

My turn for induction eventually came and I wrote the following in my journal a few days after Ella arrived:

After 2 1/2 days of waiting to be induced, they finally called me at 4 pm on Wednesday, August 30th. I was admitted around 5 pm and received a pill to soften my cervix. This prompted my body to start contractions. They were mild at first, but increased in intensity throughout the night. I sat in bed or in a rocker through part of the evening, watching Project Runway reruns.

The following morning, the on call doctor came in to break my water. I experienced some more contractions for awhile, and the doctor decided to induce labor. They talked about an epidural at this point and I decided Newbornit was right for me. The epidural was, surprisingly, no big deal and I didn’t even really feel it go in. They basically kept upping the pitocin throughout the day. I as so happy when the nurse checked me late in the afternoon and I was a 7, with the baby’s head presenting. The nurse had this great beg grin on her face and it felt so great to see it.

During labor, Tim stood to my right and held my hand. My mom stood next to him and provided support. I trusted Tim so much in those moments – just having him next to me gave me strength. He would get me ice and sometimes I just needed to look at him directly in the eye and make a connection. Sometimes I would wink at him to let him know all was well.

Once we got into the rhythm of things, Tim would count me through the contractions. I liked listening to him count more than the nurse, who I met just as labor was beginning. The other nurse wanted to stay despite her shift ending, but had another obligation. The new nurse was so chatty, she wasn’t always watching the monitor. While the epidural dulled the pain, I could still feel the urge to push and actively participated in labor.

Tim and EllaAfter about 45 minutes, I finally felt this tiny person emerge at 3:41 pm. The doctor handed me this bluish, gooey person and she looked amazing! We spent a bit of time alone with Ella and couldn’t stop touching and looking at her. She has these amazing long toes and feet. Despite expectations that she might be big, she is relatively long and lean instead. ella has these amazing almond shaped eyes and lips that look like mine. She is incredibly alert and just seems to be taking everything – and everyone – in. 

I know some people have passionate feelings about induction and, since I have ultimately been induced three times with three vaginal labors, I understand the pros and cons. Would I recommend induction to anyone else? Not necessarily, but I wouldn’t really “recommend” any one size fits all solution for labor for anyone. Instead, I recommend finding a medical professional you trust, doing your research, connecting with a good support system, and being flexible when birth plans don’t go exactly as planned. 

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Mindy is a mom of three, writer, optimist, striving to be eco-conscious, and hoping to defy stereotypes. She’s a Pacific Northwest Native who discovered a love of the Midwest six years ago after moving to Illinois. Her family of five came to Iowa City in the summer of 2012 for her husband, Tim, to attend the University of Iowa School of Law and they quickly fell in love with the city. Mindy works from home, while caring for her three terrific kids; Ella 7, Ezra 5, and Kai 2. She is always searching for that elusive balance between family and work and can often be found behind a keyboard writing a newspaper article or blog post or managing social media for a small company. Mindy writes about life as a mom – sometimes crazy, often surprising, occasionally exhausting, frequently challenging, always rewarding, and continually a learning experience – at her blog The Inquisitive Mom (


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