Sophie Soothe That First Tooth

sophiegiraffe2I was just filling out some pages in my little one’s baby book. Can you believe he is 5 months old already?!!  I feel like we are flying through the milestone checklist.

I can’t help but compare remember when his older brother reached the same milestones. Kid #1 was sleeping in his crib at 3 months. #2 was in the crib at 4 months. Both rolled over at 4 months.

#1 had his first tooth at 5 months. Which, I will never forget. It was in the fall and we (meaning my husband) carved a pumpkin to have one little tooth just like our baby.

So, I am anticipating the next milestone on our list is going to be teething.


When my now toddler was about 6 months old, I splurged and bought Sophie the Giraffe.   You all know the one. The $20 giraffe that resembles a squeaky dog toy. Raise your hand if you own one too. (Or tell us in the comments below if Sophie lives at your house).

What made me buy it? I don’t know, a combination of things…

Friend’s pictures on FB of their happy teething babies gnawing on Sophie.

Parent’s magazine ads that claimed amazing qualities of the giraffe.

Hope that Sophie was the miracle to sooth my baby’s sore gums and in turn help with the interrupted sleep pattern that went with teething.

I was obsessed with making sure Sophie was clean and was never left on the floor. And always watched so the dog didn’t snatch it and took care to never leave it behind somewhere.

But #1 never took to Sophie. Once I finally realized this, the giraffe ended up collecting dust on the dresser.

When #2 came along, I was so happy to get another use out of all the baby items, including Sophie. So I introduced my little one to the giraffe much younger {2 months} and well before teething.

And guess what! He seems to like her!  sophiegiraffe3

He holds on, squeaks, and chews that giraffe. When mommas got dishes to do, baby boy and Sophie play happily in the swing.  He chews on her ears, neck, feet and nose!

Are you curious where Sophie is right now? On the floor {gasp}! And only gets washed once in awhile {gasp}! That’s a mom of a second child for ya!

Once teeth are popping up, will Sophie be the “go-to” soother? Who knows!?!  sophiegiraffe4

Sophie does have a long history. She’s been made in France since 1961 and is said to appeal to all 5 of baby’s senses.

In case you are wondering how Sophie is made, here is a little video to show you. This is on the official Sophie website which claims, “YOUR BABY NEEDS HER.” So take it with a grain of salt.

Let’s be clear, I am not trying to sell her! But Amazon IS and Sophie is #3 on their Top 100 Most Registered for items list. I guess if someone else buys it for you…the $20 is easier to swallow!

If Sophie can’t solve all the world’s teething troubles, there are some old standard soothing methods.

At ICMB’s recent event “Baby Talk”, Chad Hanneman, DDS, from the Family Dental Center spoke during the panel discussion. He said, in his personal experience what worked best for teething was liquid ibuprofen. {But, check with your baby’s doctor before giving any medications.} He also said, clean cold damp cloths and teething rings help the baby that wants to chew on everything.

Pretty simple suggestions, that don’t cost an arm and a leg {Ahem, Sophie}.

So mommas, when did your little ones sprout teeth? Do you think Sophie is worth the hype? And what did you use to comfort your teething baby?

 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!










Shari is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Cedar Rapids with her husband Mark, 2 boys and a pug named Yoda. Her toddler and preschool age boys keep her very busy. She loves warm Iowa days for playing outside with her family. In her "spare time" Shari enjoys quiet activities like crafting, browsing Pinterest, learning photography, creating family photo books and watching favorite shows with her husband. She also loves Iowa City Moms Blog and her MOPS group for the connections with other mommies!


  1. My daughter got her first tooth at 5 months too! She also didn’t really care much for Sophie (yes, we have one as well!). In fact, as much as she liked to put anything and everything in her mouth, she never really chewed on much while teething. I tried those teething rings filled with gel (both room temp and frozen), damp cloth (both room temp and frozen), and a number of other good chewing toys but she never really clamped on to anything!

  2. I dropped a bunch of cash on that damn giraffe and my kid hated it. I’m 5 weeks from baby #2 and I’m hoping this kiddo can get some use out of that overpriced dog toy. Ugh!


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