I’m Wearing “Mom Jeans”

Remember when Brook asked all of us, “what are you wearing?”

Well, I can’t believe I am going to say this…

I am wearing “mom jeans.”

I know what you are thinking. Stone wash, high waist, front pleats, loose in the thighs, tapered legs and big back pockets. Right!?

And you are probably thinking, “Why are you wearing those???”

My 20-something self would have been completely appalled at the mere thought of mom jeans.

But, my 30-something, mom of 2-self is looking for comfort. No more low rise. No more junior’s sizes. It just might be time to buy women’s pants.

Since having my kids, I’ve been living in yoga pants/capris and still wearing maternity stretch pants with tummy support. I just love how they hold everything in, can you blame me?

Whenever I actually have somewhere to go, I try on literally everything I own. My closet ends up looking like a tornado went threw it. My husband ALWAYS walks in during this. And I end up ranting about how nothing fits. And he says, “What you have on looks fine.” Another rant about how it doesn’t feel fine.

Is it just me, or does having kids completely change the whole shape of your body? Pre-baby clothes just don’t fit the same. Except for yoga pants. Yoga pants still fit!

I would like to take a moment to thank ICMB for making yoga pants the dress code at the 1st Birthday Bash earlier this year. That was awesome! I cannot thank you enough.

But, there are some occasions when you have to wear actual pants.

So recently, I came across the most fantastic thing…pull on jeans. That’s right mommas! PULL ON JEANS! Oh how I LOVE elastic waist pants!

My excitement grew, when I figured out that Von Maur carries them. The brand is Jag Jeans, in case you are in any way as excited about this as I am.

I took the first opportunity I got – kid free (Woo-Hoo!!!) to visit Von Maur in Iowa River Landing. I headed straight to the petites section since I am only 5’3’’. I felt totally out of my element shopping in a more mature woman’s clothing area. But, I was on a mission to find the pull on jeans.

Lucky for me, the sale rack had several pairs in my size! Gotta LOVE the sale rack! momjeans2

Here’s what I noticed when I tried on the pull on jeans ­– high waist, thick band across the tummy (which my shirt covers), darker finish (not stone wash) no pleats and a pretty cute back side! And they fit!!! (How often do you try on one pair of jeans and have them fit? It’s like fate!)

So I bought denim capris and two pairs of jeans. How could I pass them up? I mean, they were on SALE! ($34 regularly $70!)

I love having options in my closet. The first time I wore my new jeans to visit a friend, she noticed them right away. I am hoping it was because they looked cute. And not just her shock to see me in something other than black yoga pants! momjeans

I admit, pull on jeans would not have appealed to me much in my pre-kid days. But, now my mom body is ready to rock some “mom jeans!”

The problem I’m having now is that I can’t find a shirt to wear…

I am joking around about the whole “mom jeans” thing.   But seriously, clothing has been such a struggle for me the past few years. After my first baby, I was totally unprepared for the size and shape of my body postpartum.

I’ve decided it is important to have a few go-to outfits in my current size for my comfort and happiness! If nothing in the closet fits except yoga pants, arrange some shopping time for yourself and find a good ole’ pair of mom jeans!

I’d love to know, what are your favorite brands of jeans? (‘Ya know someday I might go shopping for jeans with buttons and zippers!)

Shari is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Cedar Rapids with her husband Mark, 2 boys and a pug named Yoda. Her toddler and preschool age boys keep her very busy. She loves warm Iowa days for playing outside with her family. In her "spare time" Shari enjoys quiet activities like crafting, browsing Pinterest, learning photography, creating family photo books and watching favorite shows with her husband. She also loves Iowa City Moms Blog and her MOPS group for the connections with other mommies!


  1. Thank you so much for this article! I am going to see about getting me some “mom jeans”! I love capris, but you can’t wear them everywhere!! Zippers and low waisted pants are a thing of the past for my post-baby body. I wear them sometimes, but they are soooo uncomfortable and the material has little give.

  2. Textiles downtown carries the JAG pull-on jeans. They have cords, too. I LOVE those pants! Loft also makes good, higher rise jeans for the post-baby body.

  3. I’m going to Von Maur today to get me some jag “mom” jeans! Well probably after the hubby gets home to watch the baby. I’ve had a terrible time finding pants. Still wearing maternity pants. 🙁

  4. loft jeans for petites are amazing!!!! Sophisticated, comfortable and not too mommish. OldNavy.com also has a good selection of petite jeans though the quality is not as good as Loft. And if you wait for a 40% off sale at Loft, very reasonably priced.

  5. I think these might be the “under belly” pregnant pants. I have found several pairs in the maternity section specifically! Not trying to burst your bubble, they do look cute in your photo! Just giving you a heads up!

  6. http://www.jagjeans.com/pull-on-pants?CASLID=120196780000000923&CAPCID=23165327405&CADEVICE=m&KWDID=kwd-116954835&AGID=5577178085?CAWELAID=120196780000008564&CAPCID=23165327405&cadevice=m&gclid=Cj0KEQjw9JuuBRC2xPG59dbzkpIBEiQAzv4-G6-TcyYfPHBDXZZftPtF4DZUg4gheUqFf8JOeFYyis4aAqQu8P8HAQ

    Yes they do look like the under belly maternity jeans, but they are not & you will find them in the regular women’s or petites section! Link above to the jag jeans website pull on jeans!


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