Adjusting to Life with 2 : One Year Update


My baby is approaching his first birthday.  Already!!!  I can not believe how fast this year went.  The fastest of my life for sure.


Shortly after the baby was born, I shared how things were going for me Adjusting to Life With Two.  {Read it here}

Reflecting back on the year, I have to say, the first 3 months were the hardest.  Not sure if it was harder on me or my toddler.  I was seriously sleep-deprived, and we were all cooped up during THE COLDEST WINTER EVER.

Somewhere I heard, “The hardest part about having a baby, is having a toddler.” For me that was true.  {Anyone else feel that way?}

We turned the corner the first weekend of May, when we moved from a cramped townhouse to a larger place more suited for our family.  The best part was a new fenced-in back yard and sandbox.  During the summer my 3-year-old got to play outside everyday.  It was the best place for him to burn off all that energy.

The baby and I hung out on the porch in the shade.  I would bring the baby swing outside.  We all ate lunch outside.  We let 2 million flies and a ton of sand in the house by going in and out of the screen door all day.  But it was a great summer!  {Big sigh…..How many months until summer again?}

We took our first 8-hour road trip to see grandparents in August.  We hauled everything including the big Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing.  We had to pack it.  It is where the baby slept so good.  Except for that weekend.  My baby that slept through the night, started waking at least 2 times and we are STILL living with that schedule most of the time.  {Did someone say coffee??}

My 3-year-old has a big problem with the baby crawling and being able to touch his stuff.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “NOOOOOOOOOOO he can’t have my toy!!! It has small parts!”  Followed by him running across the room to yank the toy away from the baby.  Baby cries. And on and on.  We are working on sharing with our little brother.  I’m guessing this will be a lifetime battle.


We have our living room barricaded with a circle of furniture and “safe” toys go in there with the baby.  Occasionally a big boy toy gets in the circle and I must play toy referee. Over and over again!

Big brother has also been a naptime wrecker on dozens of occasions.  For example, the baby fell asleep in my arms and then I tiptoe to his room to lay him down. Just then, my toddler comes hollering after me, “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom where are you going?”  {Sigh}

My 3-year-old is kind of like a Labrador puppy.  {Is that horrible to compare my kid to a dog?} He is full of excitement and energy, but doesn’t fully grasp his size and weight.  So I am constantly on watch.  “Careful around the baby….Watch out for your brother…”  All. Day. Long.

I still take a shower about every other day.

Three-year-old preschool is a glorious time to run errands with just one munchkin to haul around.

The TV/ipad are on quite a bit, now that it is winter again.  Dinosaur Train and Mickey are the faves.  Thanks to Dinosaur Train, my 3-year-old and I can sing a pretty good duet of “Dinosaurs A to Z.”

My next challenge is giving up the infant car seat carrier.  I know it is time to switch to the next seat very soon.  I’ll be sad to see it go for the ease of carrying my little one around and because he’s not so little anymore!

Occasionally there are moments like this…  I see a glimmer of hope that big brother might like his little brother.

oneyearupdate3More often there are moments like this…


Even so, I love them both more than words can explain.

Each stage has new challenges.  They will keep you on your toes.  Pour that coffee mommas.  Reheat it when necessary.

When the first birthday rolls around, I’d say it’s time to celebrate!  It has been quite a year!

Shari is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Cedar Rapids with her husband Mark, 2 boys and a pug named Yoda. Her toddler and preschool age boys keep her very busy. She loves warm Iowa days for playing outside with her family. In her "spare time" Shari enjoys quiet activities like crafting, browsing Pinterest, learning photography, creating family photo books and watching favorite shows with her husband. She also loves Iowa City Moms Blog and her MOPS group for the connections with other mommies!


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