Daddy’s Girl Forever

Daddy's Girl 3Growing up I thought I had the best dad ever, and for the record I still think I have the best dad ever. My dad set the example of what I should expect in a future husband and father for my children. He taught me skills that have helped me throughout my life and I am still learning all sorts of things from him.

When I was young, my dad was a very hands on Dad. He coached our sports teams. He lead field trips for my school, perks to having a dad with the coolest job ever – he works with rockets. He taught me to ride a bike, water ski, snow ski, and ride a horse. He tried to make me an athlete, unfortunately for him I have two left feet and zero hand eye coordination.Daddy's Girl 4

As I got older, my father was a constant example to me. He was patient during my moody teenage years. He was there to listen to my drama and knew when and how to offer advice. He sat through watching not so great JV football games to watch me cheer and traveled all over the state of AZ to watch me run track.Daddy's Girl

My Dad was my first date. He took me to a goofy Girl Scout sock hop and danced the night away. He took me to my first Broadway show, the Phantom of the Opera. He took me on some amazing adventures, hiking the Grand Canyon, deep sea fishing in the Florida Keys, and exploring France to name a few.

My Dad taught me skills to help me throughout my life. He taught me to take care of my car. He taught me how to use tools. Thanks to that skill I do most of the repairs around our house, like changing out the garbage disposal.

Daddy's Girl 5When I met my husband he had so many qualities that reminded me of my dad. He is funny and smart and supportive. Since becoming a father, my husband has shown more of the qualities that my Dad has. He tries hard to be there for our kids even though he has a very demanding job. He may not be able to coach sports teams (so I do) but he practices with the kids all the time. He makes special time for our kids and I love to hear about the special Daddy – Daughter dates he takes our daughter on.

I love that growing up I was Daddy’s Girl. I love that now that I’m gown up I am still Daddy’s Girl. He is one of the first people I call when I need advice or just want to chat. I love that my daughter is also a Daddy’s Girl. I hope that she always has the same bond with her Daddy that I do with mine. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

What important lessons did you learn from your dad?

Ashley Breinholt
Ashley is an Iowa transplant from Arizona and a busy mom of 4. She spends most of her day chasing around her little herd and hoping to catch a glimpse of her main squeeze when he gets a break from the hospital. She has a bachelor's degree in Communication from Arizona State University and is currently the Vice President of Iowa Medical Partners where she helps plan events and service projects and runs the blog. In her free time, Ashley enjoys running, reading, cooking, and decorating (and redecorating) the house. She loves everything about Iowa! She and her family like to explore everything that Iowa has to offer in every season. Life may be crazy but she loves every minute of it!


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