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11997088_10103287047627149_285365018_n{Disclaimer:  this post is sponsored by Mooshu trainers.  However, the opinions are all ours, and we will continue to support only brands that we believe in and love.}

If you haven’t heard of Mooshu trainers yet, today is your lucky day.  Not only will you learn more about how Mooshu started and what they have to offer, but you will also hear from one of our contributing writers (a REAL, local mom) about her experience with this brand and the shoes that they sent for her daughter.

What are Mooshu trainers?

Mooshu Trainers is about having fun with your infant/toddler as they explore their first steps. We are committed to offering shoes that have sweet styling with a comfortable and secure fit. It’s important for little ones to want to wear their shoes and with the squeaker in the heel it not only encourages heel to toe walking but gives your child a rewarding sound to keep moving. 

Our goal is to provide whimsy and fun during this important milestone in you and your child’s development. Mooshu Trainers is all about celebrating the process of learning to walk to and a lifetime of joy. First steps with sweet style really speaks to our mission to have stylish, fun and comfortable shoes for those new walkers in your life.

We focus on classic styles and colors in our line with a bit of whimsy; for those special occasions, running around the playground or just having fun day to day. Trends come and go and we want our parents to know that they will get consistent colors and styles that will add sweetness to any outfit.

11950843_10103287047607189_814108441_nMichele’s Mooshu Experience:

As a mother of three girls it’s safe to say that we have purchased and received A LOT of shoes. Now that my youngest is a very mobile toddler I’ve created a list of what I’ve discovered in the past 7 years of shoe shopping. Here is what I’ve learned so far:

1) If they don’t go on easily they are essentially useless.
2) Dressy shoes aren’t always comfy and if they aren’t comfy then there is no hope in getting a toddler to wear them.
3) Most running shoes are simply too heavy for their little feet to maneuver.
4) Quality does matter and that most cheap shoes I purchase simply don’t hold up and cost me money in the long run.
So, when I opened this perfect little package of Mooshu Trainers I already knew what qualities they would need to have to be a home-run in my opinion. It’s safe to say it exceeded my expectations! I opened them with my daughter and her eyes lit up as she yelled “SHOES!”. She wasted no time taking them out of the tiny shoe box and began to put them on herself. SUCCESS! She is able to easily put them on (though not always on the correct feet) and that is a very big deal for any parent. While my daughter ran around giggling as she listened to her tiny feet squeak, I noticed how adorable they were for both dressing up and for everyday wear. The superb quality was obvious as soon as I held them but I was shocked by how lightweight they were as well. We have had the experience of buying shoes only to notice my daughter walks around like little bricks are tied to their feet because they are so heavy. I was pleased to see not only how comfortable they seemed to be but how easily she could run around.
IMG_3107The idea of squeaking shoes can be appealing to all parents of fast moving toddlers. It’s amazing how quickly they can get away in the blink of an eye. The squeaking feature is an adorable safety feature in crowded events and busy stores. However, we also know that squeaking shoes are not always necessary or appropriate for places like libraries and church. While our shoes arrived with squeakers intact, I realized quickly they could transition to ‘quiet’ shoes by simply popping out the squeaker. Both parents and family dogs will appreciate this feature.
Now, I may sound like I purchase only practical shoes because of all I’ve learned over the years, but that would be a lie. I’m still a sucker for an adorable shoe (even the impractical ones). I adore these purple Mary Janes with perfect ribbon bows on the front. Therefore, when I realized that the bows could be removed and used as hair bows I was delighted! This allows the shoes to be worn with or without squeakers and with or without bows in addition to having adorable hair clips. The style MooShu Trainers are so versatile that they can easily transition from the playground to church or any special occasion. Not to mention, it exceeded all of my mommy ‘must-have’ shoe standards.

How do I order Mooshu trainers for MY little one??

If you are loving these shoes as much as we are (especially after seeing Michele’s adorable little model wearing them!!), then head on over to Facebook page to see all of the different colors and styles. You can also visit their website!

**Hint:  If you join the Mooshu newsletter mailing list (on their homepage), you will get a 10% off code to use on your first order!


And what fun would it be without the possibility of winning a FREE pair?!  Enter below for your chance to win!! The giveaway will go through Sunday night and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page next week!!

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  1. I love squeaker shoes! We had them for our first daughter and she wore them out! I’d love to have a new pair for our second daughter!

  2. I would love to win this for my little girl who is a shoe fanatic, or for my other little girl who is due next week (we’d just put them up until she could wear them)! So cute!


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