Break Time With Brut: A Mimosa With a Twist

Sometimes you just need a little time by yourself. A break from the everyday grind of work, kids, and everything in between. We all have those moments, right? In my opinion, something that always makes my “me time” a little more enjoyable and relaxing is a pretty, fun, and yummy drink.

I don’t  always choose to have a drink that contains alcohol, but when I do, I like it to be colorful and delicious. Something that is always delicious is orange juice. Any alcoholic drink that contains orange juice is on the top of my list. It’s sweet and you can tell yourself that your drink is healthy because you’re getting a serving of fruit and vitamin C. I also like drinks with grenadine because the red coloring makes it pretty in appearance.

I get tired of having the same old drink every time, and I keep hearing about this drink that combines a tequila sunrise and a mimosa. I enjoy both of those drinks, so I thought I would try it out.

Brut Mimosa 1

If you look up the recipe, you’ll find about a million different variations, but this one is my favorite. It contains brut champagne, which to me makes it sort of special. Anytime I’ve ever had champagne, it has been either for a holiday, celebration, or other special occasion. The idea of having champagne on just a normal evening for no real reason is fantastic!

When looking for brut champagne, you’ll find so many different varieties. I went to my local liquor store and was overwhelmed with the number of choices. I decided I needed to read up on what the differences were before I purchased one. Here is what I learned when I searched online:

Brut is not a brand name, but instead describes how champagne tastes. Brut should taste dry with no perception of sweetness. That’s why it is perfect for this drink. It doesn’t need any extra sweetness with both the orange juice and grenadine. Brut is also the most common type of sparkling wine you’ll find in stores in the United States, so it is a very accessible and cost effective choice.

Another important distinction to understand: Champagne is ALWAYS sparkling wine, but sparkling wine is NOT always champagne. The name Champagne refers to the northeastern region of France. In Italy it is called Spumante, which means “foaming.” In Italy another popular sparkling wine is Prosecco, and in Spanish speaking countries, it is called Cava. Any of these types of sparkling wine would work for this particular drink, so choose one that you personally enjoy.

Now that you’ve been educated and hopefully convinced to try this drink, go get the ingredients and make yourself one. Sit outside on your deck or patio, watch the sunset, and enjoy a “mom-mosa”. I guarantee you won’t be sorry that you took a little break from the day to sip on this delicious and special treat!mimosa

Tequila Sunrise Mimosa


  • 1 part tequila
  • 1 part brut champagne
  • 2 parts orange juice
  • Splash of grenadine
  • Optional orange wedge for garnish


Pour tequila in a champagne glass (or any fancy glass you may have). Next add the champagne and orange juice. Top with grenadine and add orange wedge for garnish, if you wish. Find a quiet spot, relax, and enjoy your drink!


Melissa was born and raised right here in Iowa. Although she grew up in southwest Iowa (about as close to Missouri and Nebraska as you can get!), she has called eastern Iowa home for 15 years. She and her husband Eric live in North Liberty, along with their 4 year-old daughter Kennedy. Melissa attended the University of Northern Iowa where she earned her BA in Early Childhood Special Education and her MAE in K-6 Learning Disabilities. She currently teaches kindergarten for the Clear Creek Amana School District, where she has taught for 14 years. In her spare time, Melissa loves to be outside playing or working on projects in their yard, spending time with family and friends, and baking up goodies for her family. She also enjoys taking walks with their two dogs, plump beagle Lenny and shy dachshund-beagle mix Cooper. Life as a full-time working mommy keeps her very busy, but Melissa wouldn't have it any other way!


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