Grilled Pizza : A Summer Recipe You Won’t Regret Trying!

One of my favorite things about summer is grilling. One of my family’s favorite things to eat is pizza.

That’s why last summer I began experimenting more with making pizza on the grill. I’m here to share some of my favorite recipes and secrets for making this meal that’s interactive and fun for the whole family!

grilled pizza

First… The Crust

The most important part of pizza is making sure you get the crust right, and for that I beg of you… make your own! It’s so easy, and it is so, SO worth it. There are a lot of great pizza dough recipes out there, but this is the one  I use most often. For those of you who haven’t worked with yeast much, it’s great because you don’t need to proof your yeast.

grilled pizza

grilled pizza

Next up… The Sauce

While I believe it’s easier to find a good store bought sauce then crust, if you’re willing to make both I would recommend it. If you’re only willing to make one item from scratch, focus on the crust. Here are two recipes I like. One is totally homemade (from tomatoes) and one is semi-homemade (from canned tomatoes).

  • Homemade (takes time, but not hard)

Simple Roasted Tomato Sauce

  • Semi-Homemade (quick and easy)

Twenty Minute Classic Marinara Sauce 

grilled pizza

Finally… The Toppings

Of course you can be as traditional or exotic as you want here, but I will stress that for grilled pizza LESS IS MORE.

My favorites include fresh mozzarella, roasted garlic, and prosciutto. Two of my daughters insist on pizza having Canadian bacon and black olives.  My oldest loves fresh mozzarella and sausage. My husband… well, I make his last with all the leftover meat.

I usually put all our toppings on a platter and bring it out to the grill, so that each person can tell me what they want as I’m making them.

grilled pizza

Ready to start?

Roll small balls of dough out for individual pizzas.

grilled pizza

Place rolled out dough directly on the grill.

grilled pizza

Once the dough starts to bubble up and release from the grill, flip it over.

grilled pizza
Ideally, it would be grilled a bit more before flipping but as luck would have it, I waited until the last pizza to take a picture of the process.

Top it with sauce and toppings, and close the lid to finish cooking and melt the cheese.

grilled pizza



grilled pizza


Michele Langseth
Michele is a wife and a mother of three girls (7, 4, &1). She is originally from Sioux City, IA but has lived with her husband in North Liberty for almost 9 years. She works from home as an in-home childcare provider as well as a mompreneur making specialty desserts as well as children’s accessories and apparel. She spends her days creating all types of artwork and food while constantly learning new skills. She began her blog this year as a way to document her journey to rediscover her passion for art.


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