Go-To Fall Crock-Pot Recipes

I can’t believe it’s already September!

School has started up again, the apple orchards are in full swing, and the Packers are playing. (Go, Pack, Go!) All those things combined can mean only one thing — fall is here!

Every year, about this time, I declare to the world that fall is my favorite season (I may, or may not deny this come spring). I love the cooler temps and being able to wear hoodies again, the smell of unseen bonfires floating past on a light breeze, and filling comfort food that warms me up from the inside out!

Some of my favorite comfort foods this time of year allow me to make good use of my Crock-Pot, which makes meal prep a snap! Here are two of my go-to fall Crock-Pot meals.

crock pot


This is a pretty basic meat-and-beans recipe that doesn’t call for a whole lot of zing. But if you like the thrill and exhilaration of setting your tongue on fire, go ahead and add some spice!

crock pot

Creamy Southwest Chicken

My mom shared this recipe with me a couple years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorites. It’s rich, creamy, and super simple! Again, I tend to use mild salsa but you can use a spicier salsa, or add in some peppers if you prefer more of a kick. I love white rice and always have a box of minute rice in my cupboard, so that’s what I serve it with. But it’s also very good with Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice mix.

crock pot

What are some of your go-to fall time recipes?
Becky is a Minnesota Native and Wisconsin Badger fan living in the heart of Hawkeye Country. Since graduating from high school, she has lived in Duluth, MN; Birmingham, UK; Minneapolis, MN; Louisville, KY; and Madison, WI, but is now happy to call Iowa City home. She and her husband have been married for ten years and have a spirited four-year-old daughter and a mischievous baby boy. Becky juggles working from home and keeping two kids happy each and every day. In her free time, she enjoys working her side business, spending time with friends, relaxing with a good book, and eating snacks.


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