This House Runs On Costco {P.S. Registration is OPEN!}

this-house-runs-on{This is a Sponsored Post; ICMB received goods, services, or monetary payment in exchange.  However, ALL opinions are our own and we LOVE Costco!}

I know what you’re thinking. We have already shared our love for Costco NUMEROUS times on this blog.  We’ve told you how to save money by shopping at Costco, we’ve told you our top 10 favorite products at Costco, and we asked you to join us at our local Costco last year for an extra-special holiday shopping hour.  Let’s face it: we can’t get enough of Costco in our life!

As I unloaded our minivan from our most recent trip to the superstore, I made the observation that I was hauling Kirkland Signature brand products to every single room in our house.  Seriously, every room.  It was at that point that I realized, our house literally runs on Costco.  All of these household staples, for every single member of our family, were not only coming from a one-stop shopping trip, but from a one-stop budget-friendly shopping trip.  What could be better?! 

Here’s a quick run down of all of those Kirkland Signature brand products that can be found around the house when you visit us:

For the kids

We absolutely LOVE Kirkland brand diapers and wipes!  They are by far the cheapest baby-changing products in town, but the truth is you can NOT tell the difference.  In fact, for big babies like mine, these diapers are even better than the name brand, because they tend to run a bit bigger.  The fewer the blowouts, the better my day is going! And the wipes? Super thick, they do the job, and they don’t smell like flowery perfume. Love it!

For my bigger kids, I love walking through the ginormous selection of fresh, delicious produce.  With four kids under 8 years old, we go through a LOT of grapes and carrots and bananas in a week’s time.  Buying them at a lower price, but just as good of quality (if not better), is a mom’s dream come true.  Other favorites include Kirkland fruit snacks and granola bars, both easy to throw in the lunch boxes as they run out the door!

For Mom & Dad

My husband loves to walk through the “healthy snack” aisle (granola, trail mix, mixed nuts, etc.), while I love to walk through the “not so healthy snack” aisle (candy bars, chips, cakes, etc.).  Somehow, we always seem to meet in the middle and get a good mix, and Kirkland brand has tons to offer in these aisles!  This time around, we tried their beef jerky for the first time, and let’s just say we’re lucky the bag made it through the drive home (and it’s a BIG bag).  Oh, and we snagged a GIANT BAG of candy for trick-or-treaters!

For the home

Many of our previously-name-brand household items have gradually switched to Kirkland Signature brand as well. Dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, batteries, make-up removing wipes, to name a few off the top of my head…let’s just say, if Costco wanted to feature some Kirkland homes on their next commercial, they could stop by our house anytime!  Oh, and if I haven’t done a good enough job convincing you, let Consumer Reports do the rest of the talking! So, there you have it. Our house is literally running on Costco, and we couldn’t be happier to be sharing our Costco love with you on November 4th at Costco Mom Hour!  


Join us as we shop the aisles from 9am-10am (they are opening an hour early just for YOU!), and enjoy the following:

  • Swag Bags for the FIRST 100 PEOPLE in the door (please limit to one per family).  Swag items include KS Variety Nuts, Trail Mix, Fruit Snacks, Microwave Popcorn, Granola Bar, Juice Box, Applesauce Pouch, Chocolate Milk, VitaRain, Mr. Clean, Pantene AC, Crest WS, Downy Unstoppables, Bounce, Tide Pods, and more!
  • Giveaways. Costco will be hosting a fun Scavenger Hunt at the Mom Hour (your kids will love it!), and everyone who completes the scavenger hunt will be entered to win one of (2) $100 Costco Gift Cards! They will also be giving away a ONE YEAR SUPPLY of Tide Pods!
  • Continental Breakfast AND Samples. Guests will enjoy coffee, KS water, KS juice boxes, bakery items & breakfast bars, in addition to multiple family-friendly samples around the store throughout the hour!
  • MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL! Saving the best for last…Costco is offering an AMAZING membership special JUST for our group!
    • Any new member who signs up for a Gold Star Membership will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card plus $43 worth of coupons (free pizza, $3 off fresh berry purchase, $5 off Costco Photo Book, and $25 off $250 on
    • Any new member who upgrades to the Executive Membership (you can do so at the membership counter on November 4th) will receive an additional $20 Costco Cash Card, in addition to the first cash card and the coupon pack.
        **The attendee will sign up online and bring their membership certificate into the warehouse to redeem for a new membership.  The  warehouse  will  provide  them  a   $20  cash  cash.  The  coupons  will  be  mailed  to  the  member. **

Register NOW!

This event is FREE (yay!), however we do require that you register in advance to give us an accurate head count for breakfast, samples, and overall planning purposes. PLEASE NOTE:  The membership offer can be redeemed any time between now and November 4th; we recommend completing the form ONLINE and simply redeeming your certificate in the store, as opposed to waiting in line on the day of the event.  However, there will be associates available to help you if you choose to do it in-store.

WORKING MAMAS:  If you cannot attend the event in person, but would still love to snag this awesome membership special, you’re in luck!  Please register for the event as a NON-ATTENDEE, and please share with your other friends who may not be able to attend!

Can’t wait to see you there!!

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