Top Five Reasons To Attend Our Halloween Bash!

We are so excited to see so many of you next week at our 5th annual Halloween Bash!  We absolutely love this event every year, and we are so happy that it has become a tradition for so many of your families!  

If you have not purchased your tickets yet, head to our event page and click on “Get Tickets” or buy your tickets directly here. In the meantime, here are our top five reasons to attend this event with your kids:

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1. INDOOR trick-or-treating.  

The key word here, of course, is indoor!  If you grew up in the Midwest, you know that trick-or-treat night means one thing: rain/snow/sleet or all of the above, and temperatures averaging somewhere between 20 and 40 degrees. Boo.

Join us for a chance to show off those adorable costumes that you either a) spent a small fortune on or b) spent hours making, and enjoy the opportunity to see the kids in them WITHOUT layers of sweatshirts, coats, and scarves on top of them! Old Brick is the perfect location for an indoor event that’s full of charm. 

2. Photo Op.  

Without all of those layers, and without the bright red cheeks and snot running down their noses, your kids will be absolutely picture-perfect at the ICMB Halloween Bash!  Take advantage of this by snapping some photos at our festive Halloween backdrop!

3. Candy, Snacks, and More Candy! 

What’s trick-or-treating without candy?! All of our sponsors will have candy and/or small prizes for the kids at their tables, and our ICMB staff will be handing out candy around the event as well! And, if that isn’t enough, take a moment to sit down at our snack tables. No one’s leaving hungry!

4. Games & Activities.  

In addition to the trick-or-treating, booths will also have a game or activity for the kids to enjoy, with a small prize for all who participate.  The games have been a HUGE hit in years past! Have some fun!

5. Family.  

Last, but most certainly not least, we encourage you to come to the ICMB Halloween Bash for a fun event with the family.  Join us for a safe, warm, fun morning with the ones you love.  Your kids will have a blast, you can get some great photos in costume, and when they crash into bed that night you can steal some of their loads of candy! Shhh…

See you next week! 



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