Choosing an Iowa City Neighborhood: A Mom’s Guide to Solon

Moving to the Iowa City Area?

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Updated March 24, 2022

When you’re planning to move to a new city, one of the difficult choices you’ll have to make is deciding which part of town to live in. Because the Iowa City metro area includes not only a wide variety of fantastic neighborhoods but also many surrounding small towns, that choice is even more complicated. But don’t stress. The women behind the Iowa City Moms want to help you make your decision by sharing what we know and love about the areas we live in. Today we’re talking about Solon.

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Solon is a small (but growing) town situated about ten miles north of Iowa City along Highway 1. Commuters to both Cedar Rapids and Iowa City/Coralville might find Solon an ideal location, as it is about halfway between the two cities. As you can see from the school district boundary map, Solon’s borders run along the east edge of the Iowa River, encompassing all of the Lake Macbride area. With a population of 2615 people (and counting) and its close proximity to Lake Macbride, Solon is the perfect place to live for people looking for a healthy small town with plenty to do.


Many Solon moms name the schools as the number one best thing about living in Solon. Academics, co-curriculars, and extracurricular activities are all emphasized at Solon Community School District, offering students a wide range of areas to pursue and excel in.


Local mamas call Solon a Foodie’s Paradise! For its small size, Solon boasts some of the very best restaurants in the area, with lots of farm-to-table options and gourmet cuisine. The following are some of our favorites:


You’ll have to drive to one of the nearby “big cities” to find your typical big box stores, but Solon does offer several convenient businesses for families. Many amenities and conveniences are all available locally.

  • Moxie and Mortar – A unique home decor and gift shop
  • Palmer House Stable – Beautiful and rustic events center for weddings or parties
  • Solon Public Library – In addition to books, this library offers many programs, clubs, movie nights, and activities for kids and families.
  • Sam’s Main Street Market – Local grocery store open 7 days a week! Deli, dry-cleaning, bait, flowers, and more.
  • Casey’s General Store (Two locations: north and south) – Excellent pizza and convenience store fare
  • Dairy Queen

Parks and Recreation

If you love getting active in nature, Solon offers access to many parks, nature areas, and recreation opportunities. From beaches and walking trails to organized sports and programs, there is something for everyone.


If you’re looking for a faith community in the area, there are lots of opportunities to be involved in Solon’s churches, including programs for children.

Solon offers a rare balance of quiet small-town life and bustling opportunity. Therefore, this is one small town where you won’t have to face the typical feelings of boredom and isolation. If you’re looking for a rural area to live in with a short commute to the city, this might be the right fit for you.

Happy house hunting, and welcome to the Iowa City area!
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Lianna is a homesteading mama of three: a sparkly seven-year-old daughter, a joyful five-year-old boy, and a confident three-year-old boy. After graduating from the University of Iowa’s college of education, she started Wondergarten Early Enrichment Home, a multi-age, play-based early childhood program. A self-proclaimed Queen Dabbler, she has a long list of hobbies (from gardening and canning to sewing and painting), and doesn’t mind being only mediocre at all of them. She lives with her husband, mother, three kiddos, dog, cat, rabbits, dwarf goats, and chickens on an acreage in the country. The Cornally family spends their time talking about education, learning how to grow and preserve their own food, and romping around in their woods.


  1. I’m coming to the town of Solon on the 8th of July to tune a piano. I know my way to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. .can anyone suggest an off ramp from the freeway direct to Solon? Thank you/ Paul F. Kennedy , piano Specialist , Bloomfield, IA


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