A Mom’s Guide to The Dollar Tree

A while back, I decided to share my love of Aldi with you guys.  I was so excited to hear that so many of you are fellow bargain-shoppers and love Aldi, too!  (I’ve also professed my love for TJ Maxx, if you’re interested in reading that!)

So today, we are back in the bargain-hunting mode and I’m here to talk about THE DOLLAR TREE.  Oh my gosh guys, if you aren’t on The Dollar Tree train, you need to get on it STAT.  Unlike other “wannabe dollar stores”,  every single item at the Dollar Tree is ONE DOLLAR (or less!).  Honestly, I could write multiple blog posts about why I love that store with the bright green sign, but today I’ve tried to condense it to just 10 reasons.  If you love it too, please comment with your favorite items to buy there or your favorite tips for using them!

Mom’s Guide to The Dollar Tree

  1. Birthday Party Prep:  If you are planning a birthday party, this is your one-stop shop!!  They have the cutest plates and napkins, tablecloths, and goodie bags.  Plus candy or little snacks for the goodie bags, balloons, crepe paper, and more!
  2. Birthday Gifts:  As soon as your kiddos get to elementary school, the birthday parties will never end.  The Dollar Tree is the absolute BEST for all of those last-minute gifts! They actually have some really neat toys, and lots of times you can find name brands (i.e. Avengers, Mickey/Minnie, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.) too!
  3. Teacher Gifts: Along with the birthday parties come the multiple days throughout the year that they will be taking gifts to their teachers!!  Dollar Tree has EVERYTHING you need for a quick and affordable, yet super cute, gift for those special teachers.  Grab a cute coffee mug, toss in some candy or some cute pens/pencils, and check out their wrapping section to finish it off: bags, wrapping paper, tissue, scotch tape, ribbon…everything!
  4. Easter Baskets, Stockings, and more!: The more kids you have, the more expensive it gets to fill those stockings, Easter Baskets, or any other holiday tradition you might have in your home.  Check out the Dollar Tree for stickers, tattoos, small toys like army men or plastic bangle bracelets, kids’ card games…the list is endless.
  5. Crafts:  The office-supply-addict in me LOVES the craft/paper supply aisle.  Honestly, if you are a teacher, you NEED to visit this store.  They have the CUTEST decorations for a classroom, including name tags, stickers, die cuts, erasers, and more.  They also have a large variety of notebooks, pens, and pencils.  If you’re in the store at the same time as me, chances are that’s where you’ll find me.
  6. Disposable Food Storage:  I know this doesn’t seem like an exciting thing, but if you’re a mom, you’ll get it.  If you have a friend who just had a baby, what’s the first thing you want to do? Take them food! The Dollar Tree has TONS of disposable food storage items, from tupperware-like containers to disposable lasagna pans to plastic silverware and dishes.  For only one dollar!!
  7. Snacks: Another aisle you can find me in frequently.  The Dollar Tree has NAME BRAND candies and snacks, yall. Name brand.  For MUCH less than you would pay at any other store!!  Check out their candy aisle, but also even just the snacks in the check-out lane. I am always amazed that I can get those items for $1 (or less!) when they are so much more at your average grocery store.
  8. Seasonal Fun:  Any time the seasons change, or a new holiday comes up, I just HAVE to make a quick trip to see what they have, and I always end up leaving with a full cart.  Halloween buckets, Valentines, Christmas cards, water toys in the summer, snow toys in the winter…you name it, they have it, and it will get you in the mood for whatever season or holiday is approaching!!
  9. Guilt-free Shopping With the Kids: I’ll admit, my kids get a little spoiled at the Dollar Tree. But why not?? Usually when we go in there, I’ll let them get a snack and (if they’re good) also a toy or coloring book/craft item.  If we were at any other store, I can tell you for certain that this would NOT be happening every time we went in there!  For that reason, the Dollar Tree is DEFINITELY my kids’ favorite store!!  When friends and family ask what to get them for birthdays or Christmas, I know one thing for sure that will get them excited:  Dollar Tree gift card. 
  10. BALLOONS:  I know I already mentioned this in the birthday party section, but it’s worth mentioning in detail.  If you have ANY occasion where you need Mylar balloons (or any balloons, for that matter!), you should not be going ANYWHERE but the Dollar Tree!!  Seriously, I have SEEN the prices on balloons at the average party store, and I nearly fainted!! They have a large selection, they have cute weights to put them on, and again, they are ONE DOLLAR.

And can we mention again that all of these items cost ONE DOLLAR?!  One. Dollar.

Bargain-Hunting Mamas Unite!

If you are a bargain-hunting mama and you have not joined our ICMB Bargain Hunting Mamas group on Facebook, you need to do so ASAP.  Join the group today (click here for more info) and start sharing your tips, getting the latest deals from around the corridor, and chatting with other moms who just cannot pass up a bargain!

Now tell us…why do YOU love The Dollar Tree??


This is NOT a Sponsored Post.  We literally just LOVE The Dollar Tree that much…

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