100 Candy-Free Easter Egg Ideas for Every Age


I don’t know about you, but we try to cut back on the amount of candy that our children get for holidays. However, there are special candies made for EVERY holiday! Even on the 4th of July we get candy tossed at us from parades. School aged kids get a lot from school holiday parties, too! Having six kids in the house means that we get a huge amount of candy for almost everything. We get so much that it sometimes sits around til the next year! (In fact, I wonder if they would notice if I just stuck last year’s candy in their stockings or eggs? Just Joking! But seriously though, it’s a thought!)

So this year, I went on a hunt to find things to put in the Easter eggs that are NOT candy.  Here are 20 ideas for each age group. No matter the age of your kids, you can find fun and meaningful surprises to delight them with!

100 Non-Candy Easter Egg Ideas

Babies & Toddlers–Ages 0-2:

(Honestly, anything that is little enough to put in a normal-sized Easter egg is likely a choking hazard and should not be given to a child that young. One option is to find bigger eggs to fill with things they will be able to enjoy.)

  1. Teething ring, teething egg, or teething necklace
  2. Board book
  3. Pacifier
  4. Stuffed animal
  5. Sippy cup (you could actually use this as the egg and put treats in it!)
  6. Socks
  7. Mini bubbles
  8. Finger puppets
  9. Little bowtie
  10. Bath toy
  11. Headbands or hair clips
  12. New onesie or shirt (personalized shirts are adorable!)
  13. Puffs or snacks that are age appropriate for baby
  14. Egg shakers (homemade or store-bought)
  15. Baby food pouches
  16. Taggie toy
  17. Rubber duckie
  18. Mesh fresh food feeder
  19. Bonnet
  20. Stacking cups
candy-free non-candy easter egg fillers ideas
Credit: Vanilla Beans and Daydreams

Preschoolers–Ages 3-5:

  1. Glow sticks
  2. Leggings (Lularoe are some comfy ones!)
  3. Plastic figurines (dinosaurs, animals, bugs, army guys, Jesus…)
  4. Stickers
  5. Crayons
  6. Hot Wheels cars
  7. Alphabet magnets
  8. Hair bows
  9. Fun bandaids
  10. Stick-on earrings
  11. Bouncy balls
  12. Play money
  13. Balloons
  14. Sidewalk chalk
  15. Play dough
  16. A small pack of seeds for Spring
  17. Cupcake wrappers + sprinkles
  18. Mini puzzle
  19. Coupons: Good for one: “Night of staying up late,” “Extra book at bedtime,” “Special time with Mommy,” etc.
  20. Any snack food items (Goldfish, raisins, fruit snacks, Craisins, Teddy Grahams, etc.)

candy-free non-candy easter egg fillers ideas

Early Elementary–Ages 6-8:

  1. Baseball cards
  2. Sticky hands
  3. Silly putty
  4. Rings/bracelets
  5. Little slinky
  6. Shopkins
  7. Earrings
  8. Little crosses
  9. Jacks
  10. Legos
  11. Tiny cookie cutters
  12. Magnetic bookmarks
  13. Pencil top eraser, sharpener, grippers
  14. Grow Capsules
  15. Nerf darts
  16. Slime
  17. Kids’ watch
  18. Pokemon
  19. Tokens (Chuck E. Cheese, carousel, arcade, Playstation, etc.)
  20. Homemade Treats (Cookies, cake pops, paint-your-own cookies, etc.)
candy-free non-candy easter egg fillers ideas
Credit: Vanilla Beans and Daydreams

Upper Elementary–Ages 9-12:

  1. Tiny nail polish
  2. Rainbow loom bands/charms
  3. Washi tape
  4. Little gel pens
  5. Little notebooks
  6. Glue sticks
  7. Single serve drink packs
  8. Water balloons
  9. Nail stickers
  10. Temporary tattoos
  11. Key chain
  12. Rosary
  13. Zipper pulls
  14. Personalized notes about how awesome and loved they are
  15. Shoe laces
  16. Movie tickets
  17. Ponytail holders
  18. Kinetic sand
  19. Jump rope
  20. Modeling clay

candy-free non-candy easter egg fillers ideas

Jr. High & High School–Ages 13-18

At our house, my kids range from 1-13. We will still be doing the Easter Egg thing when our oldest is 18, because our youngest will be 6!

  1. Press-on nails
  2. Money
  3. Gift certificates (gas station, favorite store, ice cream place)
  4. Bible verses
  5. Guitar pick
  6. Chapstick/lip gloss
  7. Necklace
  8. Underwear (LOL)
  9. Mini Sharpies
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Little lotion bottle
  12. Money clip
  13. Shower gel (The travel section at Wal-mart or Target have these items in miniature.)
  14. Ear buds
  15. Golf balls & tees
  16. Glow-in-the-dark stars
  17. A subscription to their favorite magazine
  18. Mini hair brush
  19. Post-it notes
  20. Stress ball

candy-free non-candy easter egg fillers ideas

There are limitless possibilities for this! Search for different sizes of eggs so that you can fit some bigger items in, like sunglasses. Remember, use discretion when buying any items for your Easter eggs. If you think that it is not appropriate for your child, no matter their age, just use your best judgment and don’t put it in the egg. Happy egg-filling! 

Hope you all have a safe and happy Easter!

candy-free non-candy easter egg fillers ideas



Amber has called Iowa home all her life. She and her husband Jeremy live on an acreage just south of Traer where they raise their 6 blue eyed, blonde haired babes. Amber is a stay at home mama to 3 girls ages 12, 9, & 4 and 3 boys ages 2,1, & 7 months. Amber earned an AAS in Early Childhood Education at Hawkeye Community College. She also spent 9 years in the Iowa Army National Guard. Amber is always busy attending Redhawk sporting events, 4­H meetings, teaching RE classes at St. Paul, reading stories, playing house, cooking, feeding various animals, & running around after her kids. In her spare time (ha!) she likes to can produce out of the huge garden her husband plants every year, read a book to the end, watch a good movie (that she normally falls asleep in the middle of) and spend time with Jeremy, which is normally at Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling Meets! Go Hawks!


  1. With so many food allergies out there, these are wonderful. Inclusive and helps my anxiety tone down a notch. I avoid things with my 3yo. He misses out on each holidays fun community activities because the risk of death is too great. It’s that serious. Please encourage this for ALL holidays. All kids should be able to have fun.


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