It Takes a Village–Be Sure to Thank Them!

They say that raising kids takes a village. I couldn’t agree more, and I’ve only been at this for a short time! Honestly, I’ve got an AMAZING support system and am super grateful. So many people help my family in so many ways. Letting them know it doesn’t go unnoticed and is much appreciated is SO important. 

I know when you are sleep deprived, cranky, busy, overwhelmed, or whatever, extending gratitude isn’t always top of mind. However, taking the time to thank those helping you and your little one is time well spent. Whether it’s a hand-written thank you note, gift card, verbal comment, or text, these sentiments go a long way. And this mama is overdue. So I’m writing mine to trigger your mind: Who can you thank today for helping you #mom?

thank you


Thank you for the support you gave me as I grieved our first baby. I know I took it hard. You rode two pregnancy hormone trains with me in 15 months, and I’m beyond grateful for your patience. 

Thank you for coming to doctor’s appointments with me. They were scary after our first pregnancy. You re-arranged your work days to be there with me for all of them. It meant the world to me to know I wasn’t going to those alone. 

Thank you for making me meals. I so appreciate all the cooking you do to keep me going. 

Thank you for rubbing my back and feet after long days when I know your back hurt, too. You always made time to help me get as comfortable as possible. 

Thank you for talking to the baby. This made my heart swell when you did it and gave me some of my fondest memories of pregnancy. 

Thank you for doing a laundry list of to-dos–nesting took over my life when I was pregnant. You did so many things around the house that seemed so important before bringing home our first born (tiling the backsplash, pouring a concrete pad, etc).

Thank you for dealing with my moodiness, weeks and weeks of puke, and SO much more of the housework. 

* Ladies, I snagged a great one! 


Thank you for loving my child. Watching her light up when you walk in tells me she feels SO loved and loves you, too. 

Thank you for capturing moments. I truly cherish all the photos and videos you take. Having these moments to look at makes me feel like I’m not missing as much. 

Thank you for doing dishes–so.many.bottles. 

Thank you for being a role model, displaying grace, love, and patience everyday. 

Thank you for your flexibility, from helping me with nap routines, listening to “an article I read, so I think we should try…”, and understanding when I’m running behind coming home from work. 


Thank you for supporting me when I was breastfeeding. From not shaming me, to helping me build confidence in public, to protecting my milk–this was a huge goal of mine and one I am proud of. 

Thank you to everyone who brought me meals. Having a nice meal at a decent time helps a mom avoid becoming hangry, which everyone appreciates. 

Thank you for all your prayers. Being a mom is a mental and physical rollercoaster. 

Thank you for being on-call babysitters. It’s always nice for us to get out of the house now and then. 


Thank you for being patient with me when I was running late, feeling tired, and needing pumping breaks. Your flexibility and understanding is such a gift. 

Who in your life has been your main source of support? Find time to thank them. If you haven’t had a similar level of support, reach out to people at church, work, or in your neighborhood. Consider joining one of these community groups to connect with more local moms. 


Mandy welcomed her Rainbow Baby, Brooke Lynn, October 2016 and has been enjoying all that motherhood has to offer since. A North Liberty native, Mandy has spent almost her entire life in the Corridor. She took a brief hiatus and lived in Chicago for 5 years where she met her fun-loving husband, Tom. For work, Mandy is building a Corporate Innovation program to give Iowa businesses the tools they need to digest and implement new concepts. She recently named her passion for helping others by founding Huddle Line, a side hustle consulting company that works with local businesses to create unique game plans to achieve their goals. Mandy loves to spend time with loved ones, play and watch sports, hours of euchre, crochet, and bonfires. 2 things that will always win Mandy over? Cupcakes & corny jokes


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