3 Ways Kids Benefit From Having a Working Mom

Going back to work after having my daughter was incredibly difficult, and hasn’t gotten any easier as she has grown into her toddler years. I think of her often during the day, and wish I could spend more one-on-one time with her, especially in these early years. But reality is, I need to work–my family relies on my contribution to our income.  

However, I have learned to appreciate the benefit of working for both myself and my daughter. I get to have adult conversations everyday and have developed great friendships at work, plus I am lucky to sincerely love what I do.

As for my daughter, I like to think that she is receiving lots of benefits from my working as well.

3 Ways Kids Benefit From Having a Working Mom

1. They learn hard work and dedication.

I hope that as my daughter sees me as a woman who works hard, is committed, and contributes equally to our family, inspiring her to do the same for herself one day. I worked hard to get where I am today in my career, and someday I can share those stories with her. She, too, can motivate herself to become the best woman and mother that she wants to be.

2. They get to play with friends everyday.

As a social butterfly, my daughter gets the luxury of going to daycare. She absolutely loves it. She loves her daycare provider, who I am eternally grateful for, and talks about her friends all the time. Every day she receives lots of love and attention, gets to play with new toys, go to the park, and meet new friends. She enjoys every second of it, which makes my heart so happy. I know that everyday when I go to work, she is in a happy and healthy place.

3. As a family, you appreciate the weekends.

I love our weekend traditions: big Saturday breakfasts, afternoons out, lazy Sundays, and movie nights. Having these as special things we do on weekends make the weekends gives us something to look forward to, and it feels just that much more special. I soak up every second with my family and feel an immense amount of love during our free time together.

For me, the struggle between enjoying work but longing to stay at home with my daughter is very difficult. Knowing that I am doing what is best for my family and teaching my daughter valuable life lessons makes the sacrifice worth it. We all do our best, and these little people of ours are watching and learning in more ways than we realize.


Chelsie lives in Durant with her Fiancé, Joe, their Daughter (1), Stepson (7), and Stepdaughter (5). She grew up in Northeast Iowa making her way to Iowa City to attend the University of Iowa were she earned her B.F.A. in Graphic Design. She currently works at Phelps Uniform Specialists in Muscatine as the Design and Marketing Coordinator. When she isn’t spending quality time with her family, she likes to enjoy some of her favorites including: watching Hawkeye Football (and Packers!), reading lots and lots of books, drinking all the coffee, camping, running, and finding new outlets to be creative.


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