First Day of School Printables! Printable Signs for Photos

You fought through the aisles to hunt down the exact school supplies as listed.

You made sure the pencils are sharpened and the glue sticks are plenty.

You coordinated the first day of school outfits with your child’s unique style in mind.

You packed the lunchboxes or made sure money was in their accounts.

You fit all the fun you could handle into the last few weeks of summer and tried to spend the last week getting them adjusted to regular bed times again.

They are ready to walk out the door, with your help, to embrace all the opportunities of a new school year. The only thing left for you to do is to take a moment to feel all the feels. Be present in the moment and proud of the children they have become.

The moments are fleeting, which is why we will all have our cameras out on the first day of school attempting to capture just another milestone in a childhood that flies by too quickly.

You’ve had enough on your to-do list these past few weeks. You may want to stay up the night before school preparing an adorable sign for the first day of school. You may want to do that, but you may need time to rest more or to read one last bedtime story as summer vacation comes to an end. Here’s your opportunity to take a short-cut. Print out one of these adorable first day of school signs and cross one more thing off your list.

first day of school printables printable sign signs



first grade

second grade

third grade

fourth grade

fifth grade

sixth grade

seventh grade

eighth grade

high school

One of my favorite things to do the first week of school is to watch as my family and friends post the obligatory first day of school photos. I love to watch as the kids grow and develop their own styles and personalities.


Print out this About Me questionnaire for your child to fill out. If you’re not into keeping papers around your house (you’re a better person than I am), just snap a photo of the finished paper and keep it with those first day of school photos. You will love to watch it pop up every year at the same time as a reminder of who your child was on the journey to who they will become.


Michele Langseth
Michele is a wife and a mother of three girls (7, 4, &1). She is originally from Sioux City, IA but has lived with her husband in North Liberty for almost 9 years. She works from home as an in-home childcare provider as well as a mompreneur making specialty desserts as well as children’s accessories and apparel. She spends her days creating all types of artwork and food while constantly learning new skills. She began her blog this year as a way to document her journey to rediscover her passion for art.


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