October Mom Talk: Grieving with Courage, Grit and Grace

Our Speaker

We are so grateful to local speaker, author, and fellow Iowa mom Liv Ryan for speaking at our October Mom Talk.  Liv is a mom to three babies here on earth (and one more on the way), and six babies in heaven.  She and her husband have walked through the trials of multiple miscarriages and a failed adoption, as well as other heartbreak in their families.  Her strength and forever hopeful attitude in the face of trials and hard times is nothing short of an inspiration, and her words were so soothing to the moms who attended this event.

Liv’s talk “Grieving with Courage, Grit & Grace” reminded us that grief is a part of everyone’s life.  It may not look the same for all of us, and we may not all go through the different steps of the grieving process in the same order, but we can all learn to walk this path with courage, grit and grace.  Sometimes it’s a hard conversation, sometimes it’s dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning, and sometimes it’s literally as small as taking a breath.  This event was such a beautiful reminder that we can all support each other through these times, and that we are NOT ALONE in the darkness.

::IMPORTANT NOTE:: Liv is also hosting an amazing morning of relaxation and inspiration at the Davenport Country Club on November 10th, and tickets are going FAST.  For more information on the “It Is Well Fall Retreat”, click here.

To purchase Liv’s book, “Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child”, click here.

To stay up to date on all things Liv Ryan, please visit her website or click on either of the following:

Save The Date!

We are excited to announce some AMAZING upcoming Mom Talk events, and we would love to see YOU there!  Just a reminder, all of these events are FREE but do require registration, as space is limited and we also need a number for refreshments.  For updates on more Mom Talks, or to submit your suggestions, click here!

November 6, 2018   7PM

The Makers Loft, Iowa City

 Topic: “My Child May Be Gifted – Now What?”

Organization: Belin Blank Center

Experts: Dr. Alissa Doobay & Dr. Lori Ihrig

December 2018. (date TBD)

The Makers Loft, Iowa City

Topic: Keeping Your Family Healthy in the Winter Months

Organization: Plumb Tree Family Chiropractic

Experts: Dr. Dana Hotka, DC, BA

January 2019. (date TBD)

The Makers Loft, Iowa City

Topic: The Mama Bear Instinct

Speaker: Leslie Klipsch,  author of Mama Bear’s Manifesto and co-host of the “Mama Bear Dares” podcast


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