5 Yummy Ways to Use the Apple Cider in Your Fridge

Every year when the leaves begin to change and pumpkin spice everything hits the store, I get swept up in the changing seasons and buy a jug of apple cider. I say to myself, “I’ll drink mulled cider by the fire whilst wearing the cutest chunky knit sweater,” or “The kids will sip warm apple cider when they get inside from a rousing game of leaf pile jumping.” Then, three weeks later reality sets in when I find the jug of apple cider in the back of the fridge. It’s usually past the expiration date and my only option is to throw it out.

This year, I tried something different. I bought the cider, but I planned how to use it–and guess what? I didn’t have any moldy cider sitting in the back of my fridge! So if you’re like old me, you probably have half a jug of apple cider sitting in your fridge. I’ve rounded up a few great recipes to help you use it up! Enjoy!


Apple Cider Uses

Apple Cider Recipes:

Smitten Kitchen’s Apple Cider Caramels

Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Iowa Girl Eats Maple Cider Syrup (over Apple Cider Pancakes!)

Spiked Apple Cider Cocktails


Kate is the mom to Jack (2006), Liz (2007), and Alice (2011) and an avid Cubs fan through marriage. She's an assistant professor of mathematics and STEM education at St. Ambrose University and also moonlights as a mathematics teacher at South East Junior High in Iowa City. Between soccer, running club, tumbling, and piano lessons she likes to cook, run, and do yoga. She's also a sucker for 5Ks with cool swag and awesome medals.


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