Grocery Shopping in the Iowa City Area

Grocery Shopping

No matter where you live, you can’t avoid the chore of grocery shopping–just when you think you have everything under control your kids are hungry again! Luckily we are graced with a variety of grocers throughout the Iowa City area. Big and small, co-ops and chains, bulk and organic–we have all the options covered.

Here are a few resources to help you find your go-to grocery store as you move to or within the Iowa City area. 

Moving to the Iowa City Area?

Check out our “Moving to Iowa City Guide” and learn everything you need to know, from buying and selling your house, to schools, grocery stores, neighborhoods, and more! Brought to you by The Bails Team at Urban Acres Real Estate.


Hiring The Bails Team at Urban Acres Real Estate means you’ll have access to the real estate expertise you need anytime, anywhere. This real estate team includes Mike Bails, Phil O’Brien, Marcy Willier, Chelsey Riggan and Briley McAtee. Together, they have over 50 years of combined experience and a deep understanding of the entire residential and commercial real estate picture in the Iowa City area – it’s what they like to call a panoramic view of real estate.
If you are ready to buy or sell, give them a call today and tell them ICM sent you!
Mike Bails | 319.321.5500
Phil O’Brien | 319.331.1701
Marcy Willier | 319.936.5899
Chelsey Riggan-Kuepker | 319.631.1434
Briley McAtee | 319.330.5078
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