5 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to a New School

Updated April 12, 2023

Parents and children alike might have worries and concerns about how to make the transition to a new school go smoothly.

If you’re new to town or considering a move, there are some important questions to consider to help you be proactive in supporting your kids through this transition.

Q: We know we are moving to the Iowa City area, but we can’t decide whether to come in the middle of the school year or wait until the summer. Do you have any advice?

A: Do what works for your family. The schools are very accommodating no matter when the transition is made. Even in the summer hours, the administrators and staff are available to answer questions, give tours, and give advice to make the entire family feel welcome.   

Many people are hesitant about making a move in the middle of a school year, especially towards the end of the year, when actually it gives the children time to make friends that they would be able to do summer activities and playtime with.  

Q: I want our move to be as smooth as possible for everyone involved: my kids, their teachers, and our whole family. What are some ways I can prepare ahead of time for the transition to a new school?

A: Set up a school visit with the administrator. They will give you a tour of the facility and have you meet the teacher and see the classroom, either on a private tour or during school hours so you and your child can see the daily functions as they are in progress.

Q: My child is so depressed and emotional about this transition. How can I help them through this?

A: If it is a completely new town, take several excursions before for a “day trip” to drive around to get familiar with the location of the school, the library, or possibly the after-school daycare. Walkthrough their route with them, several times if necessary, to let them get familiar with it.

Find out if there are local activities that you and your child can attend that would help to meet new people before the move.  

Q: My kids are very interested in extra-curricular activities and are worried about leaving behind their teams and clubs. How do I get them connected with teams, classes, and clubs here?

A: If the child is younger, reach out to the town’s Park and Recreation director to get information on schedules and sign up information for the several activities they run. Also, contact the local library for their inclusive list of activities. For older children, connect with the athletic director for questions and/or to put you in contact with the correct coaches for more information.  our school administrator will be happy to give you contact information as well as the many extracurricular activities available.

Q: We would love to take our kids to a few fun places around the Iowa City area to get them excited about their new home. Do you have any suggestions for places that appeal to kids?

A: Local libraries, museums, trampoline parks…there are places for all ages and all interests in the Iowa City area. You can find do-it-yourself crafting stores, story hours, and indoor recreation facilities to burn off some energy.  

Take your time, explore some new places, and it won’t be long before you and your kids are calling the Iowa City area “home”. We’re glad you’re here!

About Guest Blogger: Marcy Willier, REALTOR®

Marcy Willier is a real estate agent with Urban Acres Real Estate, but more importantly, a mother to two children that keep her busier than any career job. As a young child, her and her mother moved several times to new school districts, so she understands the view of the child on this issue. She has also transitioned her children in the middle of a school year to a new district and always gives the advise “It will be Okay!”

This is a sponsored post. ICM was compensated for sharing this piece.  However, we love connecting our readers with people and organizations that are doing good in our community, and we think you will find this information helpful and informative!

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