February Mom Talk: Positive Discipline with the Maharishi School

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We are so grateful to the staff at the Maharishi School for hosting our February Mom Talk event, on the topic of Positive Discipline.   We were so impressed with their wealth of knowledge on all things positive reinforcement, and we all learned so much.  I truly believe that every single mom who attended this event went home and double checked the way they were responding to their kids.  So eye-opening!

Maharishi School is a private day and boarding school. They are located on Maharishi University of Management campus, the world’s only Pre-K through Ph.D Consciousness-Based education system. Maharishi School is the Pre-K through 12th grade part of that system. They have been rated the #1 Private School in Iowa by Niche.com. Maharishi has small class sizes, Advanced Placement and College Prep classes for the Upper School kids, and a beautiful Montessori structure for the pre-k through kindergarten kids.

Michelle is the director of the Maharishi School Children’s House. She fearlessly leads a team of individuals who are trained and utilize positive discipline in the Children’s House. She also leads groups for our parents to help them build a community with a cohesive plan of discipline. About her teaching style, and a tribute to integrating positive discipline, Michelle says, “I am playful, but I think more so I am very logical with the children. I like to have them come to their own understanding. When a child asks me a question, I will often say, “What do you think?” or I will give an answer and ask them why they think that’s the answer. It is really powerful to have six-year-olds (and even five and four!) figure out the reasons behind a classroom rule. It makes for a very cooperative environment.”


{Positive Discipline Resources}

For those who were unable to attend, click here for a more detailed description of the Positive Discipline Method used by the Maharishi school.  Also, click here for an explanation of the Positive Discipline method in general.

{Commitment to Iowa Scholarship}

If you are interested in scholarships for Iowa students to attend the Maharishi School, please check out the information on the Commitment to Iowa Scholarship here.


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We are excited to announce some AMAZING upcoming Mom Talk events, and we would love to see YOU there!  

Just a reminder, all of these events are FREE but do require registration, as space is limited and we also need a number for refreshments.  For updates on more Mom Talks, or to submit your suggestions, click here!

March 26, 2019   7PM

Cowork Collective, Iowa City

Topic: Digital Security and Our Children

Speaker: US Cellular

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