Pregnancy Acne: 7 Ideas to Try Without a Prescription

I have had so many different changes while pregnant. Acne has been the number one thing to attack me. YES, attack! It all came out of nowhere and has been a hassle to take care of. Why is it that as soon as you get pregnant there are so many “fun” changes?

I have had to deal with acne since the age of 18. Here & there I’d have issues. But recently, I got a great handle on it. Once I found out I was pregnant, I noticed a ton of changes in my skin. Where I was once oily, I was now dry. Pimples would pop out of nowhere. I haven’t even eaten anything bad! Sometimes that doesn’t matter because once you’re pregnant, your hormone levels change and increase.

I thought of things I could do differently to help calm down this issue. It can get very annoying and very overwhelming.

There are ways to fight acne during pregnancy without a prescription. Here are 7 things to try.I already didn’t feel my best, having extra weight on me. I can’t reach my toes, my back hurts, I’m nauseous all the time, or I’m just not doing well. Ligament pains occur and I just want to sleep.

On top of everything that we deal with while pregnant, here comes acne, creeping down the street to join in on the fun.

Managing acne while pregnant can be very tricky because many prescription and even over-the-counter treatments can come with a risk of defects.  I did a little research & found what works for me. Hopefully some of what works for me will help someone else out here struggling with pregnancy acne.

The first thing that I did when it got out of hand was switch my normal routine. My skin isn’t the same for now, so why should what worked before work now?


I started to wash my face in the morning with a gentle cleanser.

Wash Brushes

I wash my brushes weekly, something I already did, but made sure to stay on top of this time.

Remove Makeup

I remove my make up every night. NO MATTER WHAT! I use a light oil to break it up at first, then remove the rest of it by washing my face. I use Kate Somerville EradiKate Daily Cleanser Acne Treatment.

Face Brush

I like to then use a gentle face brush to wash my face a second time to be sure everything has been taken off and I also let it sit on my face for about a minute to allow it to get deeper and clean my skin.


One thing that has helped me see a huge difference on my skin is exfoliating! I do this every 2-3 days.

Face Mask

On the days I do not exfoliate, I like to apply a face mask. Whether a peel-off or a regular one, it should be something that targets breakouts & is soothing for the skin.


Moisturizing has also been a key to helping my skin. Some days I apply tea tree oil along with my moisturizer, some days I don’t. Tea Tree Oil has helped calm down a lot of my breakouts while also preventing new ones from getting worse, or developing.


Pregnancy is in no way easy. Having your skin react to your pregnancy makes it even harder with all that you already have to deal with. This new regimen has been amazing and has helped me feel a lot more confident with myself.

What do you do to take care of your skin during pregnancy?



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