Welcome to Preschool Soccer: The 6 REAL Positions

Welcome to preschool soccer!  As you look around our field, you’ll notice players demonstrating the highly specialized skills we emphasize early in our program.  Coaches identify the natural talents of each player and use motivational and leadership development strategies to help each preschooler leverage their strengths.

Take little Billy, here.  This is Billy’s third season with our team.  He has proven himself to be one of the most accomplished Dandelion Spotters in our program history.  This challenging role requires a finely tuned attention span capable of quick pivots.  Contrary to the name, Dandelion Spotters are encouraged to think outside the box and have a wide range of game plays, including but not limited to chasing squirrels, lying down in the middle of the field, and playing with that bouncy flag thingy.

Of course, many players are proficient in a number of positions.  New players on our roster traditionally will start as generalists.  All players benefit from our introductory curriculum, which includes taste tests for the best fruit snacks (Paw Patrol, natch), top field locations for tantrums, as well as shaving techniques for up-and-coming ringers.  Of course, we always have an immediate need for Coach’s Kid.

Say… any chance you’d be interested in coaching…?

preschool soccer positionsWhich position is your kid?


Susie is a mom of two, book-lover and frequent challah baker. In addition to working at The University of Iowa, Susie is a PTA volunteer and sorority advisor. She loves date nights in the Ped Mall, catching a show at the Englert, and most of all, cuddling her family on the couch.


  1. Thank you for the recent pieces about kids’ soccer! I’ve been looking for soccer for my three-year-old son, and have found nothing (they all start at four). Does anyone know of soccer programs in the corridor area for threes?


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