Holiday Movies: What to Watch, Where to Watch Them, + Printable BINGO

‘Tis the season for cheesy holiday movies! I love the schmaltzy predictability of sweet holiday movies where the main characters find true love and Christmas miracles happen. If you love holiday movies, too, check out this list of where to find all of your holiday favorites, from classics to cheesy Hallmark movies.

What to Watch This Holiday Season

Hallmark Channel

Here’s the complete schedule of all 40 new Hallmark Christmas movies. 
If you are really ready to take your love for holiday movies to the next level, there’s even a Hallmark Movie Checklist app that you can download on the App Store or Google Play!


See what the can’t-miss holiday movies on Netflix are this year.


Check out these 20 holiday movies on Hulu.


Check out FreeForm’s 25 Days of Christmas movie schedule.


DisneyPlus is brand new and starting off with 22 holiday movies.

Holiday Movie BINGOThough we love the super sweet holiday movies, at my house we call them “TCMs” for Terrible Christmas Movies. They’re so predictable–and for us, that’s part of the fun! We love to look for the most common tropes. You can play along with us and try to spot them too in Iowa City Moms’ Holiday Movie Bingo game!

Holiday Movie BINGO Hallmark Christmas Movies

Print your game card and treat yourself when you get five in a row for Bingo or take a sip of egg nog or your holiday beverage every time you spot something on your BINGO card. Play along with us by using #icmholidaybingo on social media. Tell us about your progress, what you’re treating yourself with or sipping, and of course, tell us what your favorite movies are so we know what to watch next!

If I missed any classic holiday movie moments that ought to be on the Bingo card, tell us in the comments!

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Holiday Music Playlist



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