Treat Yourself: The Last 10 Non-Essential Items I Bought Myself

Between household items, grocery shopping, and kid stuff, it seems like I buy at least one thing every day. Most of it is essential day-in-day-out stuff that I typically purchase without really thinking about it. Although, every once-in-a-while I end-up buying something for myself. Whether it’s little or big, buying non-essential things for myself is a nice treat.

The Last 10 Non-Essential Items I Bought for Myself

Here are the last 10 non-essential items I bought for myself:

1. A monthly membership to Muddy Feet Yoga

In order to make my monthly membership to Muddy Feet Yoga worth the cost, I try to make it to the studio at least three times a week. My favorite classes are the Tuesday night and Saturday morning hot power yoga class, and the Monday, Wednesday, Friday at noon restorative yoga classes. Do you know what’s even better than the classes? The community of yogis Muddy Feet Yoga has built over the last year since opening. Added Bonus: One of the owners was just named Little Village Magazine’s Best Fitness Instructor in the CRANDIC (Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area).

2. Starbucks

My favorite order is a tall, non-fat chai latte with half the flavor—it’s just the right amount of sweet and spicy.

3. Wilson’s Hot Apple Cider from North Dodge Coffee

There’s something about the Wilson’s Apple Cider at North Dodge Coffee House—it just tastes better.

4. A GAP Sweater

I bought this sweater when it was 40% off, and I can’t wait to wear it for the rest of the winter.

5. A face mask

I don’t have any regular skin routine, but I love the smell of this face mask from ULTA.

6. The book Needlemouse, by Jane O’Connor.

I’m about halfway through Needlemouse and so far I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me of The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion.

7. Plus Another Book

Speaking of books I also bought myself this book (I haven’t started it yet).

8. And Another Book

This book is written by my number one professional girl crush Jo Boaler.

9. Wash cloths

In an attempt to cut down on the amount of one-use items I use on a daily basis, I bought myself these wash cloths.

10. Earrings

Last but not least, I bought myself these hoop earrings (now on sale!) the last time I was in Chicago.

What is one non-essential item you’ve purchased for yourself lately?

Kate is the mom to Jack (2006), Liz (2007), and Alice (2011) and an avid Cubs fan through marriage. She's an assistant professor of mathematics and STEM education at St. Ambrose University and also moonlights as a mathematics teacher at South East Junior High in Iowa City. Between soccer, running club, tumbling, and piano lessons she likes to cook, run, and do yoga. She's also a sucker for 5Ks with cool swag and awesome medals.


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