How To Make Quarantine Chex Mix

Making tasty snacks to pass the time

Lots of people are using their newly found down time to bake bread, for some reason. I guess people were really wanting to make bread, and now they suddenly have time?

Our family is not.

We’re making Chex Mix. A whole lot of Chex Mix. And then eating a whole lot of Chex Mix.


  • 1 stick butter (shut up, butter is delicious)
  • 10 tsp Worcestershire sauce (do you know what Worcestershire sauce is? You probably don’t want to know. It’s got anchovies in it.)
  • 5 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 box of Chex
  • Garlic salt

So, that’s not really a “mix.” I think we should probably put some pretzels in there to make it a mix. We don’t have any pretzels. If you have pretzels, put them in. But then maybe don’t put in the whole box of Chex. You want about 8 cups of whatever in your mix.


First thing, melt your butter. I like to use my giant measuring cup, because I own a giant measuring cup. I melt my butter in the microwave. We discovered after two years of owning our microwave that it has a button that says “melt” on it. Just make sure you cover your melting-butter container, so butter doesn’t explode all over your microwave. I use this doohickey.

Then, stir in your Worcestershire and your lemon juice. I like to use my tiny measuring cup to measure these liquids, because I own a tiny measuring cup.

Measuring cups of unusual size

Once you have mixed your liquids, pour some of your Chex (and pretzels if you have them, you fancy person) into a giant bowl. I like to use the Tupperware bowl that is apparently just the right size for soaking squirrels, according to the woman I bought it from. This was at a Tupperware party table at the farmer’s market in North Liberty. I hadn’t asked if the bowl was big enough to soak squirrels in, but I was told anyway.

Note: Mine has never had squirrels in it. I didn’t want to give you the wrong impression. I bought mine new.

Pour some of your liquid over your Chex and stir. Then put more Chex in the bowl, and pour on more liquid. Stir. Keep doing this until you’ve dumped in the whole box, or less if you’re using pretzels or Gardettos or whatever. Your goal is to have all the things in your Tupperware have some liquid on them, for the tastiness.

Mixing it up in the squirrel hot tub

Your house will smell like Worcestershire sauce. This is how you will know that your 13- year-old child is making their fifth batch this week. Also, you will all realize that no one knows how to pronounce “Worcestershire,” so you will call it “war-chester-chester-shy-er” just to amuse yourselves.

Then, put your Chex etc. on a baking sheet. Sprinkle some garlic salt on, why not.

Bake it in the oven for 45 minutes at 250 degrees, stirring every 15 minutes. Take out and either dry on paper towels, or just eat it all in a day. The aforementioned 13-year-old likes to nosh on it while watching television shows on her phone, with her wireless headphones (current streaming includes Once Upon a Time).

The chef enjoys a snack

We’re all trying to find ways to combat boredom and just do something these days. Making a snack mix is a small accomplishment, but it’s one with an easily discernible end point.

Plus, you get tasty food to eat, so it’s a win!


Sharon Falduto is a Central Iowa native who came to University of Iowa in 1991 and essentially never left the area. She is involved in local community theater, notably as one of the co-founders of Iowa City's Dreamwell Theatre. She has also directed children's plays with the Young Footliters group. Sharon works in with English Language Learners in a support position at Kirkwood Community College.. She lives in Coralville with her husband, Matt, and three daughters Rachel, Samantha, and Piper.


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