Dear Tiffin Elementary Teachers and Staff: Thank You

Dear Tiffin Elementary Teachers and Staff,

I want to start by saying that making a decision regarding school this fall was not easy. I stressed and stressed. I lost sleep. We made our decision a half a dozen times only to then change it 5 minutes later. Ultimately we chose in person.

I second guessed my decision every single day, until we had the first day under our belts.

I saw you on that first day. Fighting and trying your hardest to provide the safest environment possible for our kids to attend school, and at that time I knew our kids were in the best of hands. I felt at peace and at ease for the first time in several months.

Thank you for that.

I saw you greeting every student in the morning with a smile and joy, confidence and bravery on your face, even though this is new and unknown for you, just as it is for them.

Thank you for that.

I see you in the heat, and in the rain, using a microphone to coordinate the pick-up line. Announcing every student’s name as their parent arrives and quickly assigning them a zone to ensure that they are safely picked up, the line is moving and everyone remains socially distanced.

Thank you for that.

I see you taking time out of your own evening to practice meeting together online as a class, just in case we have to go virtual someday. And I hear you read a bedtime story to the class before you sign-off.

Thank you for that.

I see the pep back in my son’s step. I don’t think I quite realized how much it had disappeared until it was back. He is himself again.

Thank you for that.

I want you to know that I have always admired teachers. You care for our babies, you always have, and in that regard, this year is no different. You keep them safe, make them feel loved and you teach them so much. I could not do your job during a “regular” year, let alone during a global pandemic. You guys are super humans.

Thank you, once again, for stepping up and rising to this impossible challenge of keeping them safe. I have to assume that when you chose this profession, teaching in a mask and a face shield during a pandemic, was not on your radar, but here you are rising to the occasion. You didn’t sign up for this but dang it you are rocking it.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart thank you.



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