Easy To Use Magic Hair Curlers

As a mom of three little girls, I always assumed I would become proficient at doing cute, trendy hairstyles. Nothing too complex. Just sweet and simple. But no. I am a solid seven years into this #girlmom gig and I am lucky if I can manage a decent ponytail.

I have followed along with several “easy and simple” or “five minute” hair tutorials that have left me feeling completely frustrated. Phrases like “part the hair a quarter of an inch from this direction” and “angle the comb this way” make feel as though I should be using a protractor.

Needless to say, our go-to hairstyles consist of a headband or bow.

Not that I’m complaining. We love bows! But it would be nice, on occasion, to try something different. That’s when I discovered Magic Hair Curlers. After watching this video (start video at 4:21), I decided to purchase two sets from Amazon.

Honestly, I love them! The first time through was a learning curve, but since then, it has been a breeze.

Easy To Use Magic Hair Curlers

Step 1

Assembly the Magic Hook. (My only complaint is that I find it difficult to disassemble the hook without stressing the plastic. However, I do not have a way to store it, if left assembled).

Step 2

Place curler on the hook. My girls love to do this for me. Tip: Each set of Magic Curlers comes with two different color curlers, pink and orange. Each color curls the hair from a different direction. The different colors can be intermixed throughout the hair or each color can be placed evenly on separate sides. I prefer pink on the left side and orange on the right, so the hair curls away from the face.

Step 3

Hook onto hair from above and pull the curler through. For best results, make sure hair is wet. Tip: Do not place hook underneath the hair to pull curler through, because it will hurt. 

The hook is placed correctly over top of the hair.

Step 4

Leave curlers in overnight. My girls had no issues sleeping in them.

Step 5

To remove curlers, squeeze open the end closest to the scalp and with your free hand, straighten the curler and pull out.

Step 6

Run your fingers through the hair and voila!

The results form Magic Hair Curlers 😊

I love using Magic Hair Curlers! It’s so easy and gives the girls a fun new hairstyle.


Nikki is new to the area. She graduated from the Western Illinois University-Quad Cities Campus in 2009 with a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education. She married her husband the same year. Nikki loved the creativity of teaching and continues to bring that same creativity as a stay at home mom. During the day you can find her chasing after her precocious toddler. By night she is a Pinterest junkie! She enjoys getting out and spending time with her family!


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