Searching for Answers: A Look into my Child’s Internet Search History

When the school district issued my child a Chromebook this year for the hybrid learning experience, I didn’t realize we’d also have access to every internet search that is done on the Chromebook through the school’s security program. I have been delighted, amused, and intrigued by the types of things my child has searched this year. It has provided me with a front row seat to how this kid’s brain works.

I thought you might be as amused as I have been, however, this post is anonymous because this child would be mortified if they knew I was sharing all of their internet searching with the world.

Search History

Among the typical searches our kids are doing for school purposes (Dreambox, Lexia, Symbaloo, Clever, etc.), there were many others my child has done. I’ve included the searches I found below broken down into a few themes:

How To

Sometimes you just want to know how to catch a hundred-pound catfish, okay?

  • how to make a darth vader face on a pumpkin
  • how to make a baby yoda face on a pumpkin
  • how to win chess
  • how to win at battleship
  • how to feel your heartbeat
  • how do you say **insert mom’s name** in Japanese
  • how to live in zero gravity
  • how to spell ornaments
  • how to say **name** in Spanish
  • how to catch a hundred pound catfish
  • how do you spell congratulations


  • We are not a family that watches sports at home . . .yet. . .

    who is the head coach of the Iowa women’s basketball
  • how many players are on a basketball team
  • which basketball team won the nba 2018-2019
  • best baseball players

Who’s Who

By far the biggest theme . . .this child wants to know all the things about all the people

  • Frida kahlo what she did
  • moby dick the whale
  • who invented google
  • mary anderson
  • old mary Anderson
  • is Donald trump mean
  • **insert Grandma’s name**
  • what does Donald trump still own
  • George Washington
  • who won the election
  • neil Armstrong
  • mona lisa
  • **insert random family friend’s name**
  • elvis presley’s death
  • mickey mouse as a human
  • alexander Hamilton
  • George Washington
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • amelia earhart
  • taylor swift
  • ruth Ginsburg
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • alexander Hamilton son
  • alexander Hamilton death was he wearing his glasses when he got shot
  • information about ruth bader ginsberg
  • what day was ruth bader Ginsburg born
  • quick facts about George Washington
  • information about ruth bader Ginsberg
  • benoit Mandelbrot
  • queen of England
  • trombone shorty as a kid
  • george Washington house as a kid

What’s Inside?

I mean, I kind of wonder what the inside of a stomach looks like, too . . .

  • what’s inside a coin
  • what’s inside a toilet
  • inside the secret room at mount rushmore
  • what’s inside a blackhole
  • inside an apple
  • inside a cast
  • **insert our home address** inside each room
  • what does inside a jail look like
  • inside the stomach for kids
  • what does the inside of a stomach look like
  • inside the white house


The biggest, smallest, longest, and smartest . . . basically, the extreme of everything.

  • longest alligator ever
  • worlds longest and shortest man
  • smallest church in the world
  • fattest cat in the world
  • biggest animal in the world
  • fattest elephant in the world
  • biggest mouse in the world
  • biggest lobster ever
  • smartest person in the world
  • best dog breeds
  • worst treehouse ever
  • biggest bear in the world

Baby Things

Babies are cute. I get why this kid wants to see the baby version of everything.

  • baby yoda
  • baby tigers
  • longest baby ever born
  • smallest baby ever born
  • cutest baby yoda picture
  • cutest baby in the world
  • chocolate baby
  • newborn baby yoda


I, too, wonder how big the biggest fish scale is?

  • do dentists put on cavities
  • what do cavities look like?
  • what do blood cells look like
  • heart attack symptoms
  • signs of covid
  • giant fish scale
  • what is photosynthesis
  • can people freeze
  • what happens if you swallow gum
  • center of the earth
  • Saturn without rings
  • mars with no color
  • what does a geologist do


Orchards are fun but a Canadian apple orchard is probably the most fun!

  • 10 most shocking underwater discoveries
  • Bryce canyon hikes
  • facts about Poland
  • florida fun facts
  • Canadian apple orchard tour
  • the caves at mount rushmore


Don’t just give me a timer. Give me a fun time with relaxing music, please!

  • 40 minute timer with relaxing music
  • timer
  • date today
  • 10 minute timer with relaxing music
  • Chicken Dance Music
  • 20 minute timer
  • relaxing music
  • hamilton music
  • gospel church music
  • Sister sledge we are family
  • 15 minute time
  • what type of music relaxes you the most?
  • what music helps with anxiety?
  • fun 20 minute timer
  • smooth jazz


Sometimes you just want to know about random things.

  • weddings
  • baked apple slices
  • cool clothes for **insert age/gender**
  • bed with swimming pool underneath
  • cool beds
  • **insert age gender** bedroom idea
  • are genies real
  • stink bug spray
  • pez dispensers
  • cool hairstyles for **insert age/gender**
  • a crow taking care of a kitten
  • the grinch musical
  • the grinch movie
  • darth vader face
  • hatchimal pixies
  • Cats will make you laugh your head off
  • funny cat pictures
  • how many days until **insert birthday**
  • learn French
  • third grade brain breaks

I can’t wait to show this list to my child someday and remind them that they once searched these things. And now I have a little glimpse into how my child’s brain works. Have you read the Securly reports sent to you from the Iowa City Community School District? If not, take a look. You might be surprised by the cool, interesting, funny, or nutty things your kid is searching for.

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