Five Tips For a Stress-Free School Morning Routine

School is here! How are you feeling? Does the thought of getting everyone out the door by a certain time already make you panic? I know this all sounds overwhelming but it can be done. Try these tips to make your morning school routine go more smoothly.  

Five Tips For Your School Morning Routine

1.) Layout Clothes the Night Before  

This is something that seems simple, but it is truly a lifesaver. We look at what specials (PE, Art, Music, etc) kids have the next day and plan their outfits accordingly. It works well because that way in the morning there is no time lost trying to figure out what to wear.

The kids know and have a say in what they want to dress in the next day. It is giving them some independence while also freeing up time in the morning. 

2.) Plan Your Breakfasts

It seems that my keyword here is “plan.” At the beginning of the week, we plan out what our kids will eat each morning. If there is a lot of needed prep ahead of time, we will gather the necessary ingredients the night before. Some of our favorites are banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, cereal, yogurt, and toast. With a clear plan in place, it again makes things go more smoothly in the morning as the prep work has already been done. 

3.) Pack Backbacks and Set Them By the Door  the Night Before

Each night before bed, we pack up our backpacks and make sure all necessary materials are in them. It makes things run smoothly so there is not a mad dash in the morning looking for things and scrambling to pack. The extra few seconds we take the night before make a huge difference in the morning when we are trying to get out the door. 

4.) Wake Up Before The Kids 

I know this seems like a no-brainer — but truly. If we as adults have some time in the morning to just get ourselves together, we will be ready to help our kids get ready. I prefer to give myself enough time to exercise and get dressed before my kids wake up. 

I also feel that having myself together makes me more intentional with my kids and a much better mom, too. I like to greet them in the morning with a hug and a simple, “I am so happy to see you this morning!” It makes such a difference! Even if we were up with a kiddo during the night, or we didn’t sleep well, just saying those words to our kids brings them joy and brings us, too. 

5.) Have All Essentials in the Car

Being that we are still in the midst of a pandemic, I have a small bag in the front of our van that contains clean masks. I also have a package of baby wipes in the front seat for my kiddo who forgot to wash their face before leaving the house. I also have a hairbrush and usually a hair tie or two just for the crazy times when something went awry. Having these things in one place has been a life-saver on more than one occasion. In the cold months, I keep winter gear in the car, too. Check out these tips to surviving and thriving when the snow sets in — it will be here before we know it! 

As we head back to school just remember the word grace. Give grace to yourself, your kids, their teachers, and school staff. If we can remember that, we are bound to have a great school year! 

What are some ways you keep your school day morning routine running smoothly?

Brenda is an Iowa native who has lived in the Iowa City area since 2005. She is married to her love, Robert, since 2012. Brenda is an elementary teacher by trade. She spent almost nine years as a stay at home parent but is now back in the classroom spending time with her school kids and being a mom to her own kids. She is the mom of three; Gabe (April, 2013) Maggie (April, 2015), and Julianna (September, 2017). Brenda enjoys being active by running and working out. She also enjoys trying new recipes, volunteering, playing board and card games, and being involved in church. Brenda is an elementary teacher and loves cheering on the Cubs, UNI Panthers, and the Iowa Hawkeyes. It is a busy but beautiful life!


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