My Minimalist Lifestyle: Five Years later

In 2016, I shared how I found minimalism — and all the benefits it brought to me and my family. Now, five years later, my husband and I have three kids, two dogs, and the same small house . . . and we have actually maintained a minimalist lifestyle.

To review, the benefits I enjoy because of our minimalist lifestyle include:

  • More Room: Decluttering made our home feel bigger, cozier, and as the sanctuary, it should be.
  • More Time:  I don’t spend hours every week cleaning, organizing, putting things away, and choosing what to wear.
  • More Money: It’s easy to save money when you are simply not spending it!
  • More Happiness: I’m less anxious in an orderly environment with less stuff around.

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Over the last five years, I have found a new community online to keep me motivated and tips on managing all of our things. This youtuber has great videos on keeping your home minimal . . .  and keeping kid toys and clothes manageable.

I still have a capsule wardrobe, which makes it so easy to get ready in the chaotic mornings. I’ve saved a lot of money buying less. I also always try to find items used at local thrift stores before I buy new.

I shared my story of buying almost everything used for a year and created an Instagram page to share my thrift store scores, hopefully motivating others to not only shop second-hand but to make sure your unneeded items end up in good hands — and out of the landfill.

It is amazing how beneficial being a minimalist has been to my life, saving us time, money, and making life easier —an essential when you have a chaotic, five-person household like ours.

Do you follow the minimalist lifestyle? Share your tips! 


Megan, an Iowa native from West Branch, shares her home with husband Cody, their three kids (Charlie-8 Gwen-6 & Ben-2) and 2 dogs (Dottie- lab-basset mix & Ham-all basset). When she is not smooching on them she is trying to change lives as a social worker, taking walks around their Iowa City neighborhood or cruising in Rita her minivan looking to score deals at local thrift stores. Check our her finds on her Instagram page @megthethriftingqueen.


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