9Round Fitness: The Holy Grail of Sustainable Fitness

Just when I was starting to think that it was absolutely impossible to find an exercise program that fits into the chaos of mom-life I happened to notice something on my way to our local Trader Joe’s . . . it was a sign. No literally, it was a sign for a new fitness center boasting a full-body workout that only required 30 minutes of my time.

I was doubtful — but intrigued. 

Image: 9Round Fitness

I asked around, did a little research, and discovered that 9Round Fitness might actually be the holy grail of sustainable fitness. Here are 6 reasons why we think you’ll love it: 

6 Reasons Why You’ll Love 9Round Fitness

  • It’s flexible. There are no class times to rush to or schedules to align so this program is beyond flexible! You drop by whenever it works for you and complete the circuit which is 9 different rounds of a 3-minute exercise followed by a 30-second break. There is always a certified trainer on the floor to show you how to do each exercise, ensure your form is correct to avoid injury, and encourage you along the way. 
  • It’s efficient and effective. The 9Round workout is always only 30 minutes and it’s always a full-body workout that includes both functional fitness and kickboxing, but it’s different each day so you don’t get bored. 6 of the rounds include kickboxing (with bags) and three of the rounds are functional fitness activities like jump rope, weights, and core work. 
  • No big crowds. You don’t have to worry about that awkward feeling of having an audience while you work out at 9Round. The timed circuit-style set-up ensures that people cycle through naturally so you’re not waiting around for the piece of equipment you like or staring at a classroom full of strangers in the mirror. Each of the 9 “rounds” are situated facing the outer walls so you have a good sense of privacy yet the certified trainer can still assist everyone. It’s the best of both worlds. 
  • All fitness levels are welcome. Whether you’re a total beginner or a lifelong fitness enthusiast this program will meet your needs and provide an effective and safe workout. The trainers are always there to help you make modifications as needed to adjust to your fitness level, pregnancy, or injuries. Heart rate monitors are also used as you work out which is especially helpful during pregnancy! If you have young athletes in your home they can even train kids age 10 and above. 
  • It’s clean and safe. 9Round Fitness doesn’t mess around when it comes to reducing the risk of COVID-19. They maintain high-quality cleaning standards in the gym, have rounds placed a minimum of 8 feet apart, and regularly communicate with Johnson County Public Health for updates and guidance related to the pandemic. Plus, trainers wear masks while training members. 
  • Try it for free and pick a membership option that meets your needs. Schedule a free session on the website or by calling/texting (319) 348-7809 to try it out for yourself. After that, you’ll have a few different membership options ranging from month-to-month up to a 6-month commitment which all include unlimited access to gym, online app for home workouts, nutrition information, certified trainers, and all your gear (gloves, heart rate monitor, and hand wraps). Bonus! Mention Iowa City Moms Blog to receive your membership gear for free ($150 value).

About 9Round Fitness in Coralville

9Round Fitness is a gym that offers a kickboxing-themed fitness program in Coralville, Iowa, conveniently located on 1st Avenue. Their full-body workout includes a trainer, can be done on your schedule, and the exercises change daily. 9Round is here to help you work toward your fitness goals and get stronger mentally and physically. 

Connect with 9Round here: 

Image: 9Round

Iowa City Moms has partnered with 9Round to bring this resource and information about local fitness programs to ICM readers. Thank you to 9Round for sponsoring this post.

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