Three Road Trip Podcasts to Listen to with Your Kids

A few weeks ago my family and I took an epic road trip, spanning 3,500 miles, five states, and several national parks.

It was fantastic vacation, but along with a lot of great family memories came many, many hours in the car. Some of our biggest driving days were 10-12 hours long. I admit my kids did spend a lot of time on electronic devices, but we didn’t want them plugged in all day long. Along with coloring sheets and “I Spy” games, one activity that occupied many hours on our trip was listening to podcasts. Here are a few great ones that you can listen to with your kids!

Three Road Trip Podcasts to Listen to with Your Kids

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Greeking Out – National Geographic Kids

This was by far the favorite of the trip. Greek myths are told in a manner appropriate for young listeners, with assistance from “The Oracle of Wi-Fi” and some great production, music, voices, and sound effects. Episodes range from the adventures of Hercules to a full season covering the Trojan War. They also cover some myths from other cultures and geographic areas. There are six full seasons available, and the next season will come out in the fall of 2022.

Atlas Obscura

Short, 10-15 minute episodes take listeners to some of the strangest and most interesting places in the world. My kids were especially intrigued by their episode on the World’s Oldest Edible Ham.

Planet Money – Summer School

Want your kids to learn about economics, and be interested while doing it? This series from NPR’s Planet Money has six episodes, each tackling a different topic — bonds, 401K, index funds, and The Stock Market. I admit I was surprised that this kept my kids’ interest, but they listened intently to each episode and maybe even learned something on the way!

Podcasts are quickly becoming a go-to entertainment for us during long car rides.

What other podcasts do you like to listen to with your family?

Sarah Bengtson
Sarah is a proud Iowa native who currently lives in North Liberty with her husband and 2 sons. She grew up in rural Benton county and moved to the Iowa City area in 2005 to attend graduate school at the University of Iowa in Physical Therapy. Now she balances raising two growing boys with a work as a pediatric physical therapist. Outside of work and family, Sarah loves music, playing her cello, running, baking, crochet, church activities, and cheering for the Hawkeyes and the Minnesota Vikings.


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