Anissa Bourgeacq

Anissa Bourgeacq
Anissa moved to Johnston in 2016 after living in Iowa City for more than 20 years. She has two girls, Faith (16) and Fiona (10). She and her husband, Patrick, have been married for 21 years. Anissa is a registered dietitian and works for Sanford Health. For fun she loves to clean, organize, read, and binge watch Netflix. Her vices include watching the “Real Housewives” franchises and doughnuts!

“Forest through the Trees” Moments

You’ve heard the term, “Can’t see the forest through the trees,” right? It refers to someone who can’t see the big picture, because they are too focused on the details. The term typically describes...

Why I Won’t Be Going to The Swimming Pool This Summer

Ahh...summer break! A time for sleeping in a bit later and staying up late. A time for picnics, and campouts, and days spent by the pool. Can’t you just smell the chlorine and the...

Subtle Shifts Toward Self-Love

No one is harder on themselves than women. I truly believe that. If we were given a printed-out report of how many times we berate ourselves or engage in negative self-talk each day, I...

Confessions of a “TV Connoisseur”

Olivia Pope, Raymond Reddington, John Snow, Walter White, Don Draper, Rick Grimes. Do any of these names sound familiar to you? If they do, then you have engaged in some form of television viewing....

A Mom and the Family Dog….A Love Story

Three years ago we got a dog. The only reason I got this dog was for my kids. Ever since my 14 year old daughter was 3 years old she wanted a dog. Over...

I Quit My Job to Stay Home with My {Teenage} Baby

The inner debate as to whether to go back to work or stay home after having a baby is a complicated and stressful one. The decision depends on a number of factors and sparks...

Diet Diaries – Family Edition (MyPlate)

Two weeks ago I wrote about my family’s experience with a vegan diet. I am a licensed and registered dietitian, so I am always interested in various eating programs and wondered what the result...

Diet Diaries – Family Edition (Vegan)

After 25 years of working in "Corporate America," I decided on my 45th birthday to become a “Stay at Home” wife and mother. Realizing that I am extremely fortunate to have this choice, I...

The “Breakfast Club” Girls

Recently I met my high school girlfriends for a weekend trip to Galena, Illinois. We had not been in a room together for over 25 years. As is the case with many people in their...

The Last “Magical” Christmas?

This might be my last “magical” Christmas. What I mean is, my daughter is 8. She believes in the magic. The glorious, maddening, exhausting magic of Santa and reindeers and that annoying little “Elf on...